UPDATE 24 June: Wise vs Revolut - transfer speed

torFX who I referred to earlier will fix the rate for you - the offer of providing my contact’s details still stands.
I repeat the disclaimer: I have no association with torFX other than as a satisfied customer and my recommendation provides no commission base for me.
You can talk to him directly and discuss your specific requirements. It really is “horses for courses”

Yes please @graham . At the moment I have applied to Wise but am held up by their insistance on me having a smartphone to send photos of myself and an ID document. The only way I can send photos is by email.

Still waiting to hear back from Wise but in the meantime I checked up with Yorks Bank to see if their daily limit of online transfers was still £1,000. It is, but payments by debit cards have a limit of £30,000 :astonished:

I don’t pretend to know why this is and it seems to me that cards are more risky but obviously not. But this would mean that my ‘normal’ transfer amount of £5,000 would be possible in one go thereby eliminating the risk of a lower exchange rate 5 days later.

Also, and I was beginning to worry that I could spend a week sending money only for someone to go bust on the final day. Perhaps a daily transfer, risking a drop in rate, is the safest way after all. :wink: :grinning:

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sent PM with the details as requested.

Thanks @graham been a busy weekend but have sent an email just now. :smiley:

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