URSSAF Payments or Private Health Insurance

Thanks @Joyce_Hartley , it is easy for me to read the information that I ‘want’ to read rather than what I ‘need’ to read. Yes, I see now that stepping foot on French soil pre-Brexit didn’t mean legally residing and I may not be covered by WA RP. Can you recommend any of those professional online services?

What I ‘should’ have read:
Directive 2004/38/EC. Chapter III of that defines the right of residence and, since we are interested in the right to stay longer than 3 months, Article 7 is the relevant part of that Chapter.
- All Union citizens shall have the right of residence on the territory of another Member State for a period of longer than three months if they:
1. are workers or self-employed persons in the host Member State
2. have sufficient resources for themselves and their family members not to become a burden on the social assistance system of the host Member State during their period of residence and have comprehensive sickness insurance cover in the host Member State
3. are enrolled at a private or public establishment, accredited or financed by the host Member State on the basis of its legislation or administrative practice, for the principal purpose of following a course of study, including vocational training
4. have comprehensive sickness insurance cover in the host Member State and assure the relevant national authority, by means of a declaration or by such equivalent means as they may choose, that they have sufficient resources for themselves and their family members not to become a burden on the social assistance system of the host Member State during their period of residence
5. are family members accompanying or joining a Union citizen who satisfies the conditions referred to in points (a), (b) or ©.

Thanks @JJones Jane, your advice makes a lot of sense.
Thanks for taking the time to help explain this to me, very kind of you.

On Facebook the two more relevant groups for your situation are WA Carte de Séjour for British Citizens in France and Strictly Santé France. Both have their own professional experts to give guidance.

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Once again, @Joyce_Hartley thanks for this, you’re an online saviour!

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Yes it is around this (higher actually now I read somewhere) for a normal CDS but under the WA CDS they are only asking for RSA equivalent of €524 / month.

Again for the WA CDS they are only looking at proof at time of application which makes things easier while people are getting sorted!

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@toryroo I now see how you get the “Respected” title next to your name, thank you again.


Please be careful with some of the FB groups - through work I have heard people being given TOTALLY wrong information (like that they can’t apply unless they had health cover before 31/12). I’m not sure which groups BUT this information may well have meant that people didn’t apply as they had been given incorrect information, certainly the lady I spoke to called us for confirmation as she was going to give up and move back to the UK. Far better to use the official associations and government webpages.


Do you have a link to back up this statement please. My understanding is full and proper health insurance must have been in place before 31 December 2020 for the applicant of a WARP to be considered to have been legally resident in France before the end of the transition period. If your statement is indeed correct then many thousands of people, who hurriedly move to France to beat the deadline, have perhaps needlessly bought PHI and could have just waited until they applied to PUMA?

No, this is not the case. It was something that was clarified by my workplace with the Ministry of Interiors I believe I’ll ask tomorrow if there is a link I can share. They are assessing what is on the application not looking back. They couldn’t really as those arriving the last week of December couldn’t have had everything in place. The main point was that they had to physically arrive before the 31/12 and the rest of the ducks can be put in place before application, including heath care / businesses / work etc not later than the 30/06.

My statement is correct and yes you are right regarding the private insurance. Unfortunately it wasn’t crystal clear and slightly different to other types of CDS applications (which I believe are stricter) so unfortunately there are people who have this in their head and have been telling everyone, I’m very concerned that there are people who have not applied and may miss out on their WARP due to the misinformation. However due to the uncertainty of health cover after 31/12 it is never a bad thing for people to have had insurance in place before!

I’ll try to find a gov, gouv or other official document to link you to.


Entirely agree!! I looked at one and it was full of hot air and people believing that what they did three years ago was accurate now, and other rubbishy opinions.

The driving licence exchange one is brilliant however!


Thank you. I, and other professionals, will be interested to receive your link to the official site. I agree Facebook can be a very dangerous source of information. However, the sites that I previously suggested have access to professionals who give access to their expertise, they are not the ‘Karens’ of Facebook!

Fair enough but things have changed so much with the WA compared to how it was even quite recently so hard to keep up and with unless they have access to the MOI, embassies and prefectures as some of the associations do.

Hi I’m following this as got to get cpam ball rolling too…
And make my first tax return. It feels exciting to be in that position!!

The préfecture may only want to confirm at the time of application, but do you have any up to date info as to whether CPAM has relaxed its approach when inactifs apply to join PUMA?

I don’t think so, still getting reports it is hard work!

URGENT - please can you provide the link you refer to stating it is not strictly true that PHI must be in place before 31/12/20 for people to prove they were legally resident in France. Unfortunately there appears to be more and more people in the situation of not having PHI in place before 31/12/20 for their WA RP application to be accepted. To have proof that this is not necessarily critical would bring great relief to many applicants. Thank you.

I’m possibly losing the plot… but it’s been a long day…

what is WARP ???

Hi Joyce, I have checked with the rest of my team and I don’t have a link. It came from one of the weekly QandAs we have with the embassy/ministry of interiors. We have been using this advice for months and have many people with accepted CDS applications and not a single one who has come back to say anything to the contrary. It is the same for setting up a business etc, this did not need to be done by the end of last year but by time of application. The important date was physically being here by 31/12 and then you have until June to get ducks in a row and complete the applications.

It seems there are certain groups all over the internet who have whipped themselves into a frenzy about what would and wouldn’t be required (even before the decree came out) and can’t seem to accept that they WARP has FAR more lenient rules than other types of CDS . I really do hope you can reassure people to just put their applications in and I truly hope that there haven’t been people have left their homes here as a result of this incorrect information.

I wish I could give you a link (I’d like to see it in black and white too :smile:) but there doesn’t appear to be one. I can understand you not believing me, perhaps in order to help all these people you have mention you could contact the embassy directly yourself to see if you can get confirmation from them. Please though let them know it is time of application not 31/12.


Are you asking as part of your job @Joyce_Hartley? I had assumed you were just a civilian like the rest of us but perhaps not? Or are you just a super helper in your village like lovely @smw seems to be in hers?! Being nosey I just wondered who the”many applicants” you refer to were since your profile doesn’t say “Joyce Hartley, CDS advisor, RIFT” or “Joyce Hartley, Handholders of France” or such? No problem if you’d rather not say, as I say I’m just an inquisitive (nosey :joy:) person.


Withdrawal Agreement Resident’s Permit…