Vaccination centres

I live in 79350 and Parthenay and Faye-L’Abbesse, even Mauleon, would be very handy. But all these centres are fully booked for 28 days and are not accepting any more appointments, even though the number of outstanding bookings seems to go up every time I take a look. I would have thought that the authorities would have opened a couple more centres - AFAIK there is nothing in Bressuire - which is where my GP surgery is located, but there’s nothing there, which is mysterious given the size of the local population.
So what’s going on ?

Isn’t it this week that the GP/Pharmacy vaccination possibilities as going to start?

Only doctors, and astra-zeneca for 59-65 year olds with comorbidities.

Tim has posted on another thread something different Jane.

Just read that…but only repeating what our pharmacist told me! Maybe there are levels of pharmacies? But he does do flu jabs so curious

Reading the news it appears that France overall has a shortage of vaccine, which explains the difficulty I’m having. The manufacturers have reduced supply while they make production alterations to allow a greater flow of vaccine. Apparently.

So much for promises.

The curve of first and second shots pretty well matches the delivery schedule, and France is giving the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine within 3 or 4 weeks of the first dose, so has to have those doses ready.

The same applied in UK. Setting up such a complicated manufacturing procedure does not always run to plan.