Visa Debit Card Fraud Protection

Appreciate your response but may be not a good idea…
Our shredder is a good cross-cut one but when examining the contents of the bin afterwards…

The card was not destroyed and the numbers (both sides) as well as the signature panel were still clearly visible. Worse - the chip was untouched!

I’ll stick with the advice given by Revolut but thanks all the same. It’s worked for us for as many years as I can remember.

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That’s because he didnt specify to make sure that your shredder is capable first :joy: I was going to say this myself an hour ago, but got distracted as you do, but theres usually a symbol on them that had a card with a tick or a line through, as although plenty of cross cut shredders are fine for this purpose, and it is actually the most secure method so @b33jay is correct there, some aren’t strong enough to cut the plastic, as you found out :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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I think the advice to spread the location of the bits after cutting up is sensible.

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Definitely. I tend to go a bit overboard and wait till i have a few shredded, and take them with me in a pocket when i go out. A few in this bin, a few in that bin, a few at the supermarket… if we were back in the UK with its surveillance culture the local CCTV operators would probably have me pegged for a drug dealer or something due to my suspicious tour of all the bins in town :rofl:

Must be inflation…
this one from Amazon France is 48€

Mine is a Fellowes P30C cross cut shredder with card slot and currently available for €24.68 on

Obviously not a good one! I haven’t a card to try at the moment but my machine shreds credit cards into short 5mm wide strips.

I just put mine in the wood-burner.