What a night! what is to come? another Election?

Not like this I hope…!

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We had the mother of storms last night! Not too much rain, had our yearly quota Sunday night. Lots of lighting and extremely high winds!
Even our French neighbours were caught of guard, battening the shutters in that wind was exhausting!

This branch was in the empty space above the car, how on earth it missed the car we will never know, but thankful.


The pointy bit was just 18inches away for the car! Most of it fell on the neighbours Mexican orange hedge, but he came home from his early shift and had it all cut and stacked in an hour :hugs:


Our Mairie has just warned us that we are in for a dangerous storm here in South Burgundy.

Twenty-five video minutes of cloudscape, a lull before the next storm, condensed to 15 seconds, with part audio of rain & thunderclaps from earlier code orange storm. Charente Maritime.

I can see the clouds going in two directions – high ones to the left and lower ones to the right. Turbulence?

Have had three code orange storms so far, since Saturday last…lost a tree this morning around 5am. The tree leaned a bit and I think the rain softened up the ground sufficiently for the weight of the tree to loosen its roots. One garden chair crushed – no other damage - gotten off lightly.

Hope to have video camera in place to capture the next one! Exciting but frightening prospect!

Enthused, I went out into the garden earlier this a.m. to get back on track after the heat wave and storms. I thought it’d be cooler and fresher. Wrong, well partly right, but insufficiently - I was back in after a couple of hours.

Just heard the thunder roll from the next incoming storm…! And it’s started raining. Bugger!