What about Toulouse?

Hello everybody

We want to move permanently in south France, and after many visits in the past 4 years we are thinking of the Toulouse area. Any experience would be valuable. Thanks

Just a word about the sunshine - Toulouse tops up about 2000 hours a year with a oceanic climate while the Mediterranean fringe Languedoc-Roussillon round to PACA total anything up to 2800 hours - the difference is really felt in winter. having studied in Aix-en-Provence and now living in the Aveyron (slightly more sunshine hours than Toulouse) I can assure you that the difference is quite marked at times!

BUT Toulouse is a really lively happening city and a great place to live

Bonne chance !

We are in Paris because my 18 year old daughter is in photography school here, but my son and I want to get back to Toulouse as soon as she is finished the end of the Summer. We lived there in the Fall in the Centre, but you do have to be cautious about where you are there as the nightlife literally never ends and there can be no peace if you are poorly located.

I’m not a member but I just looked at their forum page and it looks like you have to register to be a member to access the components of their website so go to their Home page and register.

Thanks Kathryn, I will give it a try

Thanks for the tip. I had a contact but it seems they are having some problems and I can’t register

Thanks for your answer. At least for me, north is out of the question because of the climate (my husband loves the north). You see, I am greek and I am used to constant sunshine. About the prices what I know is that Toulouse area is far more cheaper that Provence and there are larger pieces of land for sale.
BTW, it is true the center is excellent! We were there last summer for one day visit.

Not too sure about the area around Toulouse but as for the centre of the old ville - excellent!
We would have moved there - rather than Cher/Le Centre - had not everyone else ( I am guessing Airbus associated) decided to do the same. Prices went crazy - game over.
Albi, to the North, seemed interesting. Maybe worth looking at?
None the less, Toulouse is a great place.

There is a group called Americans in Toulouse but it is really for all English speakers. Their website forum may give you a lot of information http://www.americansintoulouse.com/forum/

There are quite a few Toulouse based members on here as it’s such a big expat area so I’m sure one will be along soon :slight_smile:

There are a number of local networks there too (although clearly SFN is your best general network!) - try googling English Limited or TWIGs.