What are your 'Produits du Terroir'?

In Sud Vendee it's Mogettes and more Mogettes - white beans in various sauces. Nice in the Winter on a chilly day. Also goats' cheeses, wine and ducks.

Hate to disavow the Brittany reports but plenty of the seafood is imported from the UK- especially Scotland! However seafood always tastes good in Brittany! There is quite a lot of production of smoked salmon and some of smoked trout in fact. You must try Coco de Paimpol, Roscoff onions, cauliflowers and of course Breton artichokes. However Brittany has different terroirs and here in the Monts d'Arree there is venison, boar and, very soon, mushrooms. We do miss out on wine production and indeed choice and in fact the average British supermarket has a much better range of wines than most of ours. Try and get a nice dry white other than Muscadet sur Lie and you are struggling. Chouchen (mead) is available in our village and of course there is lambig (home made apple brandy in the Calvados syle). A favourite of our village is tripe.

Little frozen chips brought to life in deep fat fryers.

Sorry but it is true.

Duck, duck and more duck..... I'm glad I like duck :-)

Being in the Charente it could only be Cognac!!

Charente Maritime has their great Pineau (cognac and fresh grape juice, about 17% alcohol), and great melons...often put together for starter or dessert! and cognac of course...

must say, I've found the Toulouse sausage and it's some of the best I've ever had...only been here since April so still discovering.

Here in Toulouse it's sausage and cassoulet. I'm not a fan of cassoulet but the saucisse de Toulouse from Chez Garcia in the marché Victor Hugo is the best. I also like a good Fronton.

Alsace for wine more than beer - les pinots blancs, nos cremants d'Alsace. Choucroute obvs, le fromage de Munster, le baeckhoffe (a baked savoury dish, delicious, gives you a lining against our long cold winters), le flammekueche (thin pastry base with cheese and sometimes lardons or mushrooms), nos mirabelles, little sweet yellow plums just coming into season now and fetching a hefty price in London restaurants. Also our apples and strawberries are great. And did you know that for a century or so they have been making a rather fine whisky here? Meyer's distillery. Blends and malts.

The Beaujolais is known for red wine but Ive forgotten the name. We also have several hundred varieties of goats cheese

Brittany is known for their galettes, crepes, and cidre : A+