What has brightened your day? -ongoing thread

So you said before.

I stuck to beer all night, politely declined all offers of wine. Had to get up a few times in the night though…:smiling_imp:
Got further opportunities this weekend, lots of rugby on TV!

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Aha… .I seem to recall “grape and grain” being a no-no…:smirk:

Yes, Rugby should be great this weekend… :grinning:

And …going to the loo, shows the kidneys are working !! (you can always trust me to find a silver lining):innocent:

The trouble is, after drinking beer I would then drink wine like i was drinking beer, far too much and far too quickly.

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Slow down tomorrow… or you’ll fall asleep and miss all the sporting excitement… :wink:

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Quite exciting this afternoon, les bleus playing well at the moment, but just had a try disallowed.

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And then it rained and they blew it😞

I doubt that the Irish team would accept that the weather had anything to do with the result. Once they got into the lead the controlled the game beautifully.

Mmmm… I thought our neighbours had gone very quiet…

I shall have to be tactful tomorrow… when we join them to celebrate José’s birthday…

Thank heavens it was the Irish who beat them and not the English… :wink:

Yes, I know we beat them before, but that wound has healed…

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Hundreds of Cranes passing over outlined against a brilliant blue sky with the snow-covered Pyrenees in the background. Spring is here!


I’m like a kid at Christmas when I see the Cranes flying… wonderful :heart_eyes:

These two reprobates! We adopted them six weeks ago - Max 1 year old (black) from the Guide Dog Centre in Toulouse - poor thing couldn’t proceed with his training after being diagnosed with mild epilepsy (petit mal) and, Leo 2 years old (golden) adopted via the amazing Les Amis Des Animaux who do so much to find forever homes (or foster homes) for the numerous abandoned dogs in their care. The gorgeous Leo was found abandoned and starving in a well. Its our honour and privilege to have them in our lives and they simply brighten every day!


Déjà vu.


This is a great initiative. Ventoux red wine is really quite good. I have a holiday apartment just 25 k from the Mt Ventoux summit so go there often. Planning this summer to bike up the dreaded mountain for the first time…
"Cinquante ans après ce triste évènement au cours duquel le cycliste anglais a trouvé la mort lors de l’ascension du Mont Ventoux, un importateur britannique de vin a créé une cuvée Tom And The Peloton pour célébrer le champion cycliste. 6 000 bouteilles de vin rouge appellation Ventoux seront commercialisées uniquement en Grande Bretagne à partir de la mi-avril.

La cuvée Tom And The Peloton est produite à Mormoiron sur les contreforts du Ventoux au Domaine des Anges. Le viticulteur Florent Chave espère que les cyclistes britanniques qui découvriront cette cuvée spéciale viendront ensuite gravir le Ventoux à vélo et acheter des vins du Ventoux.

Une partie de la somme collectée avec cette cuvée spéciale sera offerte à la famille Tom Simpson pour entretenir la stèle en hommage au champion sur le Ventoux"

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Watching our spaniel puppy’s ears flying in these high winds.


The Trump cares so much about America he disregards the First Amendment. What a clown.

David… this thread is for those things which brighten-up…

There are quite enough threads on the darker side of life…:wink:

Did you escape the electricity cuts yesterday… ??


What ???

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Driving home tonight… 11pm… misty and drizzly …so going gently round the bend, when we spot… a lovely deer standing in the middle of the road looking into our headlights…

We ground to a halt, dipped the beam and watched in fascination as the deer seemed to be inspecting us. It trotted this way and that, looking us over… if the windows had been open we could have stroked it.

Finally, it darted off into the undergrowth. We waited for a moment to be sure it had really gone… then continued home…:relaxed: Marvellous !


Nothing spiritual, no recovered ruby rings, but three years and a bit after completing on our house purchase and a year after our Notaire first raised the issue, the Notaire sent us some funds leftover from the purchase. Not enough to leave the rat-race just yet but enough for a case of something good :grinning: