What has brightened your day, today?

(anon88888878) #141

Brave Ann…brave :wink:

(David Martin) #142

I hadn’t thought of that!

(Chris Kite) #143

You must be thinking of Eleanor…

(David Martin) #144

That is even stranger… I’m waiting to pick up my daughter Eleanor at this very moment!

(Helen Wright) #145

Two years looking for hoummous in super-u…my son who has been here for 9 days…on looking for trout found hoummous in the fish fridge…how random…! I never once thought to look in the fish fridge as I have expected for the last two years that it should be with the coleslaw etc…7 pots in the fridge…dinner for a week…x :slight_smile:

(Mandy Davies) #146

Why did you not ask a member of staff Helen? Especially if you love it so much.

Glad you found it.

(Helen Wright) #147

I don’t know Mandy…I just got to thinking that if it wasn’t in the fridge with the all the little pots of freshly prepared coleslaw and couscous and celeriac etc that they just didn’t stock it…it’s €1.53 so cheaper than U.K too… x :slight_smile:

(Véronique Langlands) #148

Just make it, so easy and probably works out cheaper and certainly healthier (fewer additives) too.

(Helen Wright) #149

I’ve saved the recipe Vero…just haven’t got a blender yet…:heart:

(Mandy Davies) #150

Is there anything else you’ve been searching for? I might be able to point you in the right direction. :peanuts::egg::carrot::doughnut::chocolate_bar:

(Véronique Langlands) #151

One of those cheapy stick mixers does the job fine (or failing that a mouli and then elbow grease).

(Bill Morgan) #152

Cutting down a 5m high rubbish tree/weed :slightly_smiling_face:

(stella wood) #153

Where’s the photo shoot.:relaxed:… before and after… ??

(stella wood) #154

This has brightened my day… a delicious handful of tiny strawberries, so tasty and they melt in the mouth… I’ve been picking them since the beginning of May. They are self-seeded from who knows where… :relaxed:

(Chris Kite) #155

A €120 rebate from EDF for a power cut earlier in the year.

(Peter Goble) #156

My next door neighbour rang the doorbell to wish me “Bonne fête de St Pierre” and he gave me a bunch of radishes.

(stella wood) #157

How nice of him… you have 2 chances to celebrate… . one is the day you were born, the other for your “saint’s day”… :hugs:

(Véronique Langlands) #158

Your saint’s day is the fête for all speakers of Occitan, Stella!

(stella wood) #159

yep… 11th May… :heart_eyes:

(Helen Wright) #160

I pay a standing charge to SAUR but my water is actually supplied by a small local syndicate serving about 16 of us…last year the French/English translator came here too but today the French lady from the syndicate came alone to read the meter and I was real chuffed that I was able to have a conversation…x :slight_smile: