What has happened to humour?

About less humour nowadays... I sometimes feel it's to do with getting older. So much humor is based on a surprise factor of some kind, and the older, the fewer things still surprise! Love a good laugh, though - Radio4 Extra is a magnificent source, indeed. Even though not growing up in UK, I know and love all the examples Brian mentions. Good to be reminded of some I hadn't thought about for a while!

Pete and Dud brilliant!!!

There are always too many people to mention Angela. I like the Italian Roberto Benigni, who is a director, screenwriter and straight actor as well as a comedian, who also has an Oscar for his work. Most Anglo-Saxons wonder what the Hell when they see him. Maybe you are right abour 'reality' TV. But definitely, I am alos all for bringing humour back :)

Haven't read all the comments, but there's also Raymond Devos, late French comedian who, to my mind, incarnated the very definition of the word 'wit.' An amazing man. And I was wondering if it were just me who had noticed that comedy had been replaced by 'reality' TV, and humour was slowly leaking out of any conversation? Since when is humour not reality? Maybe it's indeed up to us to bring it back ;-)

What about France's favourite Spaniard, Louis de Funès, or Fernandel who were parody actors of the finest calibre, mind you Jacques Tati leaves me cold and he is supposed to be great. Most of the stand ups and French jokes escape me entirely...