What I did in the holidays by Mark Rimmer, aged 62

Yes, it’s a bit inevitable, I suspect. I quite possibly “own” a few Weatherspoon shares via one of the pensions or funds that I have - impossible to tease out and say “I don’t want that one, thanks”

That wasn’t the point of listing the major shareholders though - it was to show how much influence Martin will have over the company.

In all of this some companies have become synonymous with Brexit - the aforementioned pub, JCB, Dyson and I can avoid direct patronage of those, so I will.

Sadly perhaps, I doubt it will incur much inconvenience to any of the companies involved as I would not have been much of a customer in the first place (but at least I get to claim to be “doing something” :slight_smile: ).

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No more Dyson’s for me or buying from JML.

And of course after the end of January Wetherspoons have pledged they won’t be selling anything from the EU. Martin has specifically said there will be no EU alcohol on sale, but I wonder if he’ll ignore the food side.
At the moment some of their hotels do sell EU sourced food

I see no problem with UK NOT importing edible/drinkable stuff from EU. Let them grow it themselves, make-it/transform-it themselves and enjoy the benefits of such local British stuff… :zipper_mouth_face:

After all, that is what I (and many of us) choose to do here in France… eat and drink the French local product… France is a treasure-trove of delicacies to eat and drink… yummy. :hugs:

Just to swerve the thread a bit I can add a little to my VR experiences.
After battling with Darth Vader (he is tall but not very bright) I used the Amazon Prime app. This enables one to access one’s account but watch stuff in a different way. I chose a cinema & found myself sitting in an empty auditorium while my chosen film/TV series was shown on the equivalent of a screen at least 60 ft by 40 ft so the next time someone boasts about their 60 inch plasma TV I can top trump them!
Really loving this Oculus Quest & wish I had bought shares…

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I think Dyson is a lousy engineer but a marketing genius. 400 quid for a hairdryer, I wish I had his neck :grinning:

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Apropos nothing and completely off topic, I just wanted to mention Stella that I picked up the December edition of Retro Viseur and it has a very interesting “dossier” on GP Bugattis.

I wish I had his hairdryer business - but I know what you mean :wink:

Just like Ferrari then John, my Transit gets me from A to B but didn’t cost £250k.

I love Transits. I remember having a whale of a time with a few pals spectating on the 1975 RAC rally driving one. Tough as nails, she took everything we could throw at her and we could have a snooze in the back between stages. Happy days.

My fondest memory of a transit was being in the back of one on the beach, whilst the driver wrote cuckoo (the name of the kids club) in the wet, flat sand.
We all got thrown around doing the “o’s” great fun! (A real holiday not VR :wink:)


I wonder where the hops and barley are grown, used in the beer that Wetherspoons sell?

The UK of course!

I do hope that you are being ironic.
In a previous life I lived in West Kent. Hopping was still done by hand and you walked through hop gardens everywhere. When I left the gardens were abandoned save as museums. Hops came from the Czech Republic.
Barley, who knows.

Hop and barley imports from the EU are falling so stop stressing Richard, there’ll be plenty of decent beer in Wetherspoons after Brexit.