What is your favourite eating apple variety?

When I was in Germany my favourite was Braeburn. It has a refreshing acidity and is nice and crisp. I Haven’t seen it here yet, unfortunately.

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Had to look that one up. Same as Canada in the UK. Green/brown and furry. Not so fond of that one :frowning:

Edit: Yes, I know they’re not really ‘furry’, but that’s what the texture of the skin feels like to me. One of the reasons I don’t really appreciate them.

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Braeburns are everywhere here in the supermarkets Obviously depends on time of year but they are there and have been for many years

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Braeburn seem to be always available in Grand Frais, not one of my favourites.
I really like Fuji, crisp and sweet. The ‘ápple man’ at our local market has them straight from the fruit farm, freshly picked, no contest.
We used to scrump Miller apples :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I remember picking them you only had to look at them for them to bruise.

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When I Iived in the UK, I used to be very disparaging about Golden Delicious, but later, having moved to S Africa, was totally blown away by the local ones (well very relatively’local’ - they came from the Western Cape 900 kms away) - flavour bomb explosion in the mouth.

OTOH although the Aveyron’s climate can’t be too different to the W Cape, apples don’t feature much around here.

Seems to depend on where you live. Maybe the German ones are better. I’ve always found apples less good the further south you get. I think they prefer a cooler climate.

I grew up in the Garden of Kent, not many varieties of apples in those days and ,pick your own, only applied to scrumping :face_with_hand_over_mouth: A golden delicious picked straight from the tree, as any variety , always taste the best, to my palette.

I really like Jazz apples, which so far I haven’t seen anyone mention. When in the UK I loved Bramley’s for cooking, red delicious (maybe also called Washington red?), Russets and Jazz. Ate lots of others too but those are my stand outs.

I live in the SW and in my local market (Montcuq) there’s a guy who sells nothing but apples. One day when he wasn’t serving, I asked him why, with so many varieties, he didn’t sell my favourite Cox’s Orange Pippin? He replied that it was one of his favourites too, but they would’t grow round here, because the soil is too chalky and the summer’s too hot! He had tried several times and failed.