What Topics for Smalltalk in easy French?

He is how I imagine Holmes, tonights episode is The Sign Of Four. Food first then a cosy evening with a glass of wine, mum and a warm cat on my knees :slight_smile:
Oups <I don’t mean that mum is on my knees, just the cat :rofl:


We always complain …
“Sale temps aujourd’hui … mais demain ça sera pire !”


Tel attitude positive :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I worked it out that you loaded your knees with the wine-glass, then your Mum sat on that (cautiously), then you topped the load off with the cat. Not very comfy for Mum, or your knees, but the cat came off best, and probably had the best head for heights, and… All right, all right forget it! :confused:

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Réaliste :neutral_face:

Favorite food or places to eat in the area.

Ha! I realize I’m nearly a year late to this party, but Anon’s charming “oops” and Peter’s hilarious response were too good to pass up! Thank the heavens that the cat was nowhere near the wine glass - not many things worse than picking cat fur out of one’s pouilly-fuisse :wink:


Excellent that you are drinking Maconnais wine.

Mais bien sur! :wine_glass: (Microsoft/Apple need to add white grapes and white wine!!)

I love this series on youtube…Anna Massey! A favourite. Brilliant in all her roles. . No replacement that I can think of…
Oh…the actress who starred in “All passion Spent”… Wendy Hiller… But also gone to YouTube Paradise…