Where to buy new English books in France

Breast-shaped tooth.

Extinct relative of elephants.

With breast-shaped teeth, which is what the word means :slightly_smiling_face:
It’s a mastodonte in French.
Bumps on the fossil teeth are what gave some French 18thC scientist (Cuvier?) the idea of giving the beast that name.
I checked, it was Cuvier and he’s 18th AND 19thC

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Why name a twitter lookalike after an extinct animal?

I don’t know the answer on the name Rachman - but Mastodon is not really a lookalike - its much better than Twitter. There are many aspects to this, but for me the big thing - and the reason I never really used Twitter even before Musk took it over and I closed my account - is that the Mastodon character limit is 5,000 - enough to really say something, not just shout a soundbite.

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Bringing this thread back on topic (almost), does anyone think this book may help improve my French language skills? :grin:


If you are in Brest

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Your Frañol anyway.

Or maybe Espançaise.

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