Where to find stuff in France

Lunchtime closure is sacrosanct in my experience… and fair enough when you think about it… folk need to eat and are entitled to do so in peace and tranquility…


A failure to plan and all that.

I think you need to come to our Super U in Saint Bonnet de Joux.
Jim fits in well and its not just going shopping, even dinner parties take a very relaxed attitude to dress.
I have clothes in my wardrobe I will never wear again.
Anyone want a beautiful navy silk ball dress?

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There’s a regular “secondhand clothes” rail at our community christmas market…
Obviously, clothes are in good condition and it’s amazing how quickly something gets snapped-up simply because it’s different…

Next December, some of the items will be much-loved but little-worn evening attire from my own wardrobe…
You’ve jolted me into making the decision… what is the use of me keeping such stuff…
I’ll price them at a few euros and, if they sell, the money can go to our school-fund.

Your navy silk could make a beautiful wedding dress… perhaps ??

I think that I might look into using the material for something else.
There is a full skirt but the bodice is boned.

Ah, well… if you’re handy at altering things… good idea…
Me… hopeless… so I’ll let someone else have the pleasure… :wink:

No I am not, but our neighbour, the same lady who made our thermal curtains is.
She worked in a soft furnishing atelier in Paris, but can turn her hand to anything.
She has even mended our parasols!

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The famous 6 “P”s, though I’ve heard former Army types use an alternative version that’s 6.5 or 7 “P”s depending on how you score hyphenated words.

Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance takes me back to JMQC training back in 71


Living in France profonde, it’s nice to dress up sometimes. I always wear decent stuff to go to the hairdressers. I want to be treated like I want a very good haircut to match !


Does it spark joy?

Actually regret that it doesn’t fit anymore.

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