Whose Hedge height?

On reflection you might be right, but since you have to tell France if it’s the other way round it’s probably best to alert them within the timescale.

I would agree with that, @JaneJones - and HMRC have been a bit more accessible on the phone of late so if Sally gives them a ring when she’s back in the UK, I have a feeling they might well put her mind at rest if she makes it clear that it is the only property they have!

Hey Jane and all…you can raise.my hopes if you like !! Thank for those links…lets hope it sells first, knew nothing about the tell HMRC within 30 days.
Gawd…if you hear of a frazzled looking 60yr old
woman being carted off in handcuffs in rhe Uk.somewhere, you 'll know it was me!
You would think that I would have been more prepared but its just very complicated!!


Cross-border stuff is always complicated and, of course, not any easier in the current climate. Please don’t worry - I would (almost!) place money on HMRC telling you not to bother about the property sale, but always best to double check, as Jane says…

As @KarenLot says, I don’t know why you agreed to this. I think you’ve been conned. The neighbour is probably pocketing his half of the €200.

Edit: In case some people think this is overly pessimistic, it really does happen. A neighbor tried a similar thing on me when I had a MS in Deux Sevres.

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@Sally_Vaughan I am so sorry that your neighbour has bullied you like this.
Makes me so cross, when folk are unnecessarily horrible… aaargh.

Ah well, what’s done is done…
Hope you manage to sell the property at a decent price, then you can relax back in UK… and concentrate on the two of you, health etc etc.

best of luck.

only property…or does it have to be principal residence

On the other hand, perhaps letting it go in the interests of not having any neighbour issues to be reported to the buyer, was the way to go. Especially as it sounds like Sally did not have time to raise it with the mairie?

Sally I wish you both the best. FWIW I think for now, so far as this property is concerned, you may be making the best decision.

Thanks for everything…just had a visit from the kindest of neighbours, her husband has cancer…she was so kind and caring but also very tearful. The sweetness and openess of that compared to the other neighbour…it just gets the balance back up and puts everything into perspective.


Just to let you know that France means another country not an extention of old shitty England. I am quite happy to report that all my goods (this means all the goods I rook with me to England back to 2000, are now back to France … i feel like ORDER OLD ORDER is now reestablished! But no worry for me. Worry for all the little sods that’s don’t know how to get their stuff back to their motherland! Thank you for reading me :slight_smile: Cristina Rocha from Savoir Simplement!

Wow…ok…I can’t quite guess your tone but nothing more to say than I wish you well in life…I think.

The distance is 50 cm from the boundary with bushes and should be trimmed to no more than 2 metres in height. The measure to be taken from the ground on which the bush has been planted. Trees and high bushes over 2 metres should be planted 2 metres from the boundary. Any hedgerows should be 2 metres in from a public highway.

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We have a ‘hedge’ of bamboo, 12mts long, 1mt deep and 12mts high, right on the boundary. No neighbour has complained, but if they did i would ignore them…I am the neighbour, I own both properties.

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He may be a plonker but he has (in my view) extorted 200 EUR out of you. That’s a bit annoying really.

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There are rule on hedges and trees
basically, if it’s 2m or less from a boundary…2m tall is the limit
if it is beyond 2m. OR a tree is over 30 yrs old… they can be any height
you have no right to cut overhanging trees… you/they need the owner to cut them
There’s on “Right to light” in france…
maybe in special cases
when i bought my house, it had 40 full height leylandii, 6 months later, i had a letter from the mayor, “cut your trees, or we will and will bill you”…
i looked at all the rules and they had me over a barrell, They sent me a reminder 3 months later… They helped me get a contractor in for a sensible price 1100€, they cut then to 2m, and the deal was for me to clear the mess, 8 people, 2 chainsaws and 3 days it was cleared, at least i had wood for a couple of years
and yes, you can burn well seasoned “Sapinette”, leylandii. it burns clean and good heat

Do you think the timing of the request had anything particular behind it?