Why are threads appearing as recent when last post is old?

I didn’t mean you did.

When I use my phone, I see a mixture of suggested topics at the bottom of the page. These are often “old” threads.

If you’re new to the site, you might well think these were current discussions, rather than ancient history, especially if you didn’t look at the date.

So people who aren’t used to the site will often respond to these “old” topics, thereby reincarnating them and causing them to be current/latest topics.

I hope that’s clearer.

It might be you need to scroll down to see someone has recently added a post to an older thread. I do sometimes, to avoid starting a completely new thread on a repeat topic.

Your device remembers where on a post you last read to, so opens there when you revisit. You need to scroll down to the end if you don’t want a long read :nerd_face:

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I completely agree with what you are seeing there, @porridge, but it’s not the phenomenon I’m describing!

Could you give an example?

I have obviously failed completely to describe what I am seeing, so I’ll try again!

When I arrive in Survive France, the list of threads I see initially is the “latest” and next to each thread is a time in hours or days of when the latest post is made. I have found that some of the threads in my list, when opened and scrolled to the end, are very old with no recent posts.

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How about this one - appears about 20 items down in the “latest” list… (last post in it is 2020)


I don’t see that happening at all. All my “Latest” posts are exactly that. My default ordering is by “Activité” - I must have clicked on that at some time - but even if I order by “Réponses” or “Vues”, I don’t get old threads like you’re seeing.

Yes indeed - most of mine are genuinely recent! It’s just that a few of these others have started to appear. The one I quoted, for example was marked as 19hours old :rofl:

Oh dear @AngelaR ! Maybe @graham can figure it out for you.

In the meantime, enjoy the walk down memory lane :wink:

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check Preferences on your account…
Go to Notifications and check what is set there matches your expectations…

Another thing to check is your browser cache…

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Preferences look fine to me! Why would a thread be marked as 19h old when the last post was Feb 2020? It’s not at all a problem - I’m just puzzled…

try resetting the “Consider topics…” flag to something else then “Save Changes” then go back and reset it to what you want and “Save Changes” again.

Another couple of setting to check…

and Categories -

FWIW I had that same thread appear yesterday - scroll to the end, but there’s nothing recent.

With older threads I’ve also noticed that the conversation is not in order, but that’s a different issue.

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Thank goodness it’s not just me, @Ancient_Mariner :relieved: It was really puzzling me - I did wonder whether, because the last post was made by someone with an “Anon”-type username, it had re-emerged as a result of an admin person renaming the user?

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I also had the same threads as mentioned, so something is amiss as my settings are on my main computer and have never before seen these necro threads. Here is another thread Best Places to Look for a Rental Property? - #50 by Karen_Thomas

Yes, the last post was by ‘anon…’. seen on a computer, not phone (as I’m using now).

@james indexing issue?

Thank you so much for that @digitracker - especially for quoting that particular thread since I think that’s the one I saw with the last post of 2014 :smiley:

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I’m not seeing that topic because I have it muted (no idea why I muted it in the first place or when).

It might be because I reported two topics as spam and the posts have been deleted by admin, IIRC it was posts about rentals from 2014.