Windscreen Insurance Certificate To Be Dropped?

Not aware that such exists but the gendarme vehicles are equipped to check data AFAIK.

The ins from Adrian Flux for my van was never issued on paper. It was only ever an attachment on an email.

I only printed it off if required by, say, a foreign trip. Many years, I never did print it.

Must be. As per my 'fess-up elsewhere, the Guardia Civil had no problem accessing my details on DVLA’s website from the badlands of the mesa in central Spain. :roll_eyes:

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I’ve been told that there is no longer any cross -referencing of vehicle keeper details EU<>UK since Brexit. It was never a direct link EU to DVLA or PNC even pre-Brexit.

A vehicle can be taxed in the UK with insurance that has only one day to run.

Yes, though that does not alter the validity of what I said.

The insurance has to be in place for the first day of the tax disc - you can’t buy tax on the 20th of the month with insurance which runs out on the 25th, for instance.

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You have been told very wrong.

The Guardia Civil looked up my vehicle MoT and tax status on 13/12/2021, 350 days after 100% Brexit, in a truck stop parking lot in the middle of nowhere in central Spain, on a hand-held gizmo, and showed me the results. It was the same ‘page’ as appears when you use the up a vehicle etc etc.

Other than passport, driving licence and ins cert, which one is obliged to have about one’s person, that’s all they need.

Now, it may be that The Meekon [aka Ree Smog] reckons that this facility is one that constitutes ‘self harm’, like some of the other ‘checks’ associated with the EU that he reckons UK can do without but if I was at that place in Spain now, with those G.C. hombres looking me up, I would bet the result would be the same.

Previously within strict limits tho’. And now it is much easier.

Re the Old Cars… it wasn’t exactly onerous to move an Insurance.
The renewal has always arrived at least 1 month before renewal date and it has clearly stated that unless the agreement was terminated by us blah blah blah it would be considered to continue for another year.

If we wanted to move… we just informed them in due time.

Although I believe nowadays one can change during the year… which might well suit some folk if they’re unhappy with their set up.

Cross purposes. I thought you were referring to access to the UK PNC (Police National Computer). You are correct, anybody can access the website and also access the askMID insurance website for insurance details. It is not unknown for some to access both to check on UK registered cars being driven in France.:thinking:

Talking about Adrian Flux, did you ever see the ‘Flux capacitor’ electric car that they sponsored ? It’s absolutely bonkers. Zero to 121mph in less than 10s.

Maybe this would be better in the electric car thread.

No. Something I know nothing about. Adrian Flux’s brother was a driver in one of the ‘works teams’ in the TVR Tuscan Challenge. Old fashioned muscle - 4.5 V8.

To see and hear 30-odd of these [the grids were enormous] come past the start line in a bunch at the end of the first lap - awesome

My own TVR was more modest. 4l V8 road tuned. But still 0-60 in 4.8 and to 100 in <10

I have just received my “Critair” sticker which is plastic and even bigger. It cost a few euros to have sent, that won’t break the bank. But it made me laugh because all Inhad to do was to send the Registration Number and they sent the correct classification.

Made me think: why don’t they (whoever needs to check) just check via the registration - after all automatic registration readers exist, even in the Ajaccio airport car park!

I think its more for the vehicle owners information than anything else, but apparently an actual Critair sticker is needed to enter a controlled zone

The advantage of that little green insurance paper is that the absence of it is a good visual indication that further enquiry is appropriate. Of course an out of date certificate, or one for a different vehicle altogether, is much harder to spot due to the very small print.
So with the increasing decline, or indeed non-existence, of police patrolling on foot who have the time to look at such stickers on parked vehicles, what is to be done to provide the risk of detection that deters uninsured drivers ?
Would Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras that immediately cross check the number plate against records of insurance and Controle Technique be acceptable ? If so, then where should they be sited ? Autoroute Peage points, roundabouts at principal junctions, supermarket car park entrances ? I reckon that those with an interest in civil liberties who dislike the prospect of further monitoring by ‘Big Brother’ may well have an opinion to air on the matter.
Do away with the insurance windscreen sticker without replacing it with some effective alternative, and the likelihood of detecting the uninsured driver who doesn’t draw attention to himself by speeding or parking in daft places falls through the floor.
My vote is to maintain the status quo.