Winter Fuel Payments

Andy, I have not had the birth certificate back either, has one else had theirs returned?

There's little justice in the world, Judith! At least you will get two £10 Christmas bonuses if you get the State Pension!

Not there yet Brian! Had the statement dated 22 November, so perhaps it has gone in since. (perhaps, like the French with the Taxe d'hab bills, they send it out in alphabetical order!)

I'm a bit fed up - having live on my own since I moved to France I have enjoyed the full £200. Now, however, living with my partner we have to share - £100 each. Since the house we live in is much larger than the one I lived in on my own we could do with the extra. After all, we both paid all our contributions in the UK! I know, futile complaining - but still!

I did the same as you Andy, having cocked it up and cancelling it a couple of years ago. I have had no notification but it appeared in my bank account two weeks ago. Take a look. It seems the commitment is to make all payments by the end of November, but they say nothing about when or if they tell us.

I sent mine off in September, and had the birth certificate etc back in 14 days. Since then - nothing! Which does not surprise me.

Same here, Maureen. The Pension Service are no doubt swamped with applications from expats so it will probably take some time. Patience is a virtue and as it's nearly Christmas, let's include some goodwill to that! I have to say that on the rare occasions I've spoken to them, they've always been very pleasant and helpful.

I sent my husbands off in September - not heard a dicky bird either !

I sent mine off 6 weeks ago - not heard a dicky bird!