Winter heating Gas combination heating

We have gas central heating/water heating. I am considering the best option for over winter. house empty for three months. There is a holiday setting which enables me to set a minimum temperature for the heating, guessing 9 or 10 degrees C. Not clear if I can turn water off and drain the taps and leave the heating on, or should I leave water switched on? No useful information with the heating documentation. does anyone have views on this?

Might be useful to post a photo of the equipment, showing the Make and any other distinguishing features.

How old is the system??? Is there any documentation of any kind???

When we have extended (3/4months) winter breaks, we just put boiler in holiday mode, set thermostat at 10/12 degrees. We don’t turn the water off, but we have all external taps and meters super insulated.

Tricky one Robert. I’ve always felt uncomfortable turning the mains off but leaving the heating on. Having had a couple of burst pipes over the years I now just turn off the mains and drain everything.Though in one house I did install an inexpensive electric heater with a frost stat in the attic as well. Belt and braces.

Combis are as far as I know always sealed and do not have a cistern in the loft.
I believe a combi would shut down if starved of water from a leak. They have to be replenished manually.
In a sealed system a boiler would be fed from a cistern fed with the rising main. If a leak occured the radiators would be replenished continuously. Not a good situation!
Boilers do sometimes fail. I have a recently fitted one which has needed a manual reset twice.
I would drain the pipes for that length of absence personally or at the least turn off the rising main if the boiler has always been reliable and very low temperatures are uncommon. I suggest you ask the question on a plumbing forum where a wealth of experience can be called upon.

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