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I’m new to the group and have a question about Wise money transfer
I have had a Wise account for about 3 years that’s used to transfer money from my uk bank to my French one.
I was originally advised that I do not need to add this account to my yearly French tax declaration.
I’m now hearing lots of people saying that it should be added as it has an IBAN
I’m happy to add this to my impots.gouv account but unable to find where.
Could someone advise of the location
Apologies if this has been asked before.


Foreign Bank Accounts are not declared on your espace particulier in the impôts website, but as part of your annual tax return. There is a form 3916, and as you fill in your return there is a question about foreign accounts. If you tick yes it pops up.

If you declare on paper you can download the form.

Others will chip in, but if you hold no money in it then I don’t think you need to declare. We did, just to be on the safe side.

Hi @dchest333 and welcome to SF
The place to advise the existence of foreign bank accounts is on form cerfa 3916 which is filed with your annual tax return either on paper or on line.
There will be more about this when the time gets closer towards when declarations have to be made.

This is what was posted for the 2022 tax year for interest.

I declare everything, Wise, Revolut and “real” accounts, even joint accounts which I don’t have any cash in. There’s no downside to declaring (not that I’ve ever seen) and better safe than sorry :slightly_smiling_face:


Always the best advice… the only account I know of which you don’t have to declare as noted in my help guide last year. I think this would also apply where you don’t have an account as such - such as TorFX - which you simply use to make an exchange direct to your French bank account (or Notaire, for example).

Thanks everyone.
I’ll add it to the next online tax declaration.

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I’ve used Wise to transfer money only, but there was no stipulation to declare it. It’s not an account set up to hold funds or to invest with.
I believe some people use Wise as an account of sorts, so maybe that’s where the confusion lies. If you have any doubt, it’s unlikely to cause you any problems if you add it to your 3916 form.

The bank accounts associated with wise, Revolut etc do need declaring. A money transfer account doesn’t.

Wise if you have accounts - you declare them all on separate sheets. Anything with a none French IBAN. So in my case I declare 3 overseas accounts with wise and 2 with Revolut.

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Good point. These Fintechs seem to move one’s accounts around a bit.

Revolut now have a FR IBAN (if allocated) otherwise generally an LT IBAN for French customers.
They are catching up though allocating FR IBANs for FR customers.

9 months on and I still don’t have mine despite asking numerous times - I “just have to wait”!

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Did you reach out again to Mariana Mat?

Yes - no progress unfortunately.

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