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Today we have seen the first of the cranes flying North over us in the Dordogne, do they know something about the coming of spring ? Last year they were flying over in March in their hundreds, maybe the ones we saw today are just the advance party! Am hoping it signifies a nice early spring and summer to come, we could all use a bit of sunshine about now.... Anyone else had any sightings of them in different areas lately?

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Yes, this morning, but I live in 24 too and it might have been the same ones. I would say about 40 of them rather than the couple of hundred in some of the flocks. I also saw and heard a flock of migratory geese last week, so perhaps spring is on the way.

Hope so Brian, they are early this year, hope they don't regret it!

There is some marshy ground between the Dordogne (less than 1km) and our nearby little tributary where cranes often feed, it will be interesting to see when the first ones are there.

We are much further north than you and have had a group of five that decided not to go south for the winter.  They must have known it was not going to be so cold this year

Yes, here too in the Haute Vienne. Just a small group - yesterday. In fact, all the wild birds seem to be preparing for Spring and mating. Mr. Robin's redbreast is so bright you can see him at the bottom of the garden!

Woo hoo, spring is really on the way, roll on summer!

Steady, we're not quite finished with winter, yet...


Heh, tell that to the cranes!

We already have Daffodils in bloom in the garden, which is quite nice. And the plum tree has started to blossom.

I've got bloomin' daffs in the garden as well...but on considering Linda's "  all the wild birds seem to be preparing for Spring and mating. "...my (French of course ..aie aie) girlfriend.. doesn't seem to be in a very "springy mood"...so I'd keep the woolies and wellies at hand for the moment.bUT THIS IS ONLY MY PERSONAL PROPOSITION..oops...and, of course, I'm only kidding...bon vent..roll on spring  :)

It must be a sunday even Hilary. they always announce themselves with that marvellous cacophany andwe saw several skeins go over last Sunday. This morning there wer many more all flying North. We live in dedpartment 17 close to the estuary. I can't say that I've noticed any other signs of spring since I saw a magpie nest building several weeks ago. Apart from the welcome daffodils and other flowers.

Looks like they flew into the wrong direction ;-) Here near Nimes it is/was snowing and temperatures have dropped at least 10°.


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