10 days at a hotel in a London airport

Really this is a prison
Can you imagine 10 days in a Travelodge eating in your
room all the delights which come from the kitchen and being limited
to the choice of watching TV or…

Then having to pay for the experience

Easy, don’t travel unless it’s absolutely essential.


Not planning to go off to UK very simple

Worth every penny to the public who’d rather not have any more Covid carriers entering their country.


It’s been done in other places with success, would you rather people (continue ) to spread the virus and it’s variants

I was quite enjoying the thought of this, a change, any change, sounds nice right about now, until you got to this bit…

I was figuring a 10 day stay at the expense of the government, a small return on all those years of taxes… :rofl:

It is, however, 10 days of house arrest.

And I’ll bet the suggested ~ £100/night is per person.

At present it does not (or rather will not) apply to arrivals from France, but Labour is putting pressure to make it across the board.

No but I prefer not to go a Travelodge
I am not the enemy you know I take this matter really seriously
and remain without socialising or going out to see people
But suppose that there is no choice is there it has been dictated

Sounds like a perfect deterrent, it may even stop the ‘social media influencers’ who are still swanning around pretending to need to travel to places like Dubai etc


When you have a parent who is 90 its a very worrying thought.
I pray he’ll live long enough for me to see him again.


It would certainly deter me from travelling - 10 days effectively in prison, just in a hotel rather than one of Her Majesty’s finest establishments.

It’s not clear whether families get to share a room but I’ll bet the £80-100 is per person so that’s £2½-3 grand for a family of three.

We had a week in one hotel room in Naples a couple of years ago, on the whole an enjoyable trip but the “all cooped up in one room” aspect was not so good - and that was when we were free to come and go and were out most of the day and evening.

Not being able to leave the room and being totally dependant on whatever food the Hotel could provide would be my idea of hell.

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When my father was posted from British Army on The Rhine to the War Office, as it was then still named, the three of us spent 6 months in one room in a boarding house in Sarfend on Sea before the Army found us a home. At leaast my dad got to commute to London Bridge 5/7 and some of the time I was at boarding school …

The same thing happened when he was posted there. The three of us lived in one room in an Army hostel for weeks. But then the Army came up with a mansion, complete with swimming pool, fruit orchards …

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Would you be talking about South end on sea and being very Essex like
with your spelling

Does it have to be Travelodge? Have they made a donation to the Tory party?


Sounds fairly uncomfortable - but you weren’t locked in with nowhere to go which is effectively what we’re talking about.


Its only coming from countries on the “red” list, none are EU. Otherwise you confine yourself at home. Only costs will be the additional COVID tests.

For info: I was considering a necessary trip to UK recently - I made enquiries at a UK testing lab - the 5 day test to enable early release from quarantine can also serve for re-entry to France if returning à couple of days after. Cost of the test is approx £150.

More the Mile End Road than Essex.

on the way to Bow E3 or even Barking mad