12 mm isolation valves


can anybody help us please, we are installing a bathroom and want to use isolation valves on the shower etc.

we need 12mm sized isolation valves and cannot find them anywhere, Brico depot Morlaix used to sell them (they still have the empty box) we don't want to drive for a hour to Quimper or Brest to find they have none either.

has anybody been able to buy these or know of any shop/plumbing supplies that sell them.

Appreciate any help


Thanks James, we managed to find some at Brico Depot in Quimper :)

but will save this search!

Yes in the groups on the right, you will have to join to post but lots of good ideas in there x

Thanks Roz, we managed to find some, I didn't realise there was a renovation section :)

Just found this site http://www.bricozor.com/recherche/?term=vanne

Might be worth a look

Hi Jenny, I see no one has answered this for you, it might be a good idea to post it in the Renovation and construction group, I am sure there are people in there who could help x