12 month furnished rental - Deux-Sèvres

I have been stalking Survive France for the last 6 months getting lots of useful tips and hints for our move to France planned for this month.
What I need your help and advice with please is rental properties in Deux-Sevres - around Parthenay to the West or Ruffec to the south east of our search area.
We had a 12 month furnished rental organised as of 1st December near Poitiers and are booked to come over this Sunday to transport our initial things and we have rented out our UK home from early January while it sells.
I’m sure some of you can guess what I’m going to say next, but the French renter will now not honour a 12 month deal and will only give us 3 months at a time which is no good for the CDS requirements.
Does anyone have any contacts for a 2 bed long term property to rent (well-behaved dog-friendly) that they could recommend?
Or have any links to where we could link as we keep getting sent to gite properties who want rent past next April, understandably.
Many thanks for any help, advice, contacts provided.

Just a thought (though it maybe no use for documentation) house and pet sitting France occassionaly have postings for long term sits, even if it just ties you over. Have you tried leboncoin.fr too
Not sure if info I’ve given is allowed, my apologies I dont know how to PM via this group.

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Easy to PM. Just click on the name of the person you want to PM and a box will appear with a blue message box inside it.
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Are you sure 3 months won’t do it? I thought all they were asking for was a rental contract, without specifying any length.

This is the flow chart

A pain as might end up having to move your stuff several times, but with only 22 days to get settled here that might be the simplest option?

This is not the case, particularly for late arrivals, you need to prove you were here this year but temporary accommodation (including even a hotel bill) will be acceptable as proof (obviously lining up all your ducks with accommodation / finances / healthcare as soon as you can. You have until June to apply with those sorted out. The important thing is getting your feet on the ground this year.