1960s shopping bag

Just finished a jigsaw which shows some products from the 1960s

The ones I can’t recall are

Lincoln biscuits (on right edge)
Trimmers biscuits ( right edge)
Brown and Polson blancmange powder
Mary Poppins sweets ? (left side)
Nested instant tea (left side)
Flintstones iced biscuits (bottom)


I remember OMO best… in the London overspill estates in 70’s Essex and Herts, the boxes were used by bored housewives in the window to signal “Old Man Out” :rofl:

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I remember at least 90% of those I think. Many of them of course still exist. Got to say though, I didn’t think Pop Tarts were that old. Don’t remember Spock on Sugar Snacks either. Vesta curries were a favourite in the early 70s - a real introduction to exotica in those days.

A common sight in married quarters on BAOR bases back in the day, if my ex-squaddie acquaintances are to be believed.

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OMO is the most famous washing powder still in Oz!

guess the ozzies use it as Old Mare Out to encourage their drinking partners to drop by for a sherbet or two :rofl:

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I recognise most, but there are 2 there which are/were my favourites, Puffed Wheat and Shreddies, neither of which I have ever seen here. :disappointed:

Super U Mussidan has shreddies if you are ever down this way!

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I’ll bear it mind, they are Shreddies though, aren’t they, not mini Shredded Wheat? :thinking:

I’ve seen the smaller ones but pretty sure I saw the big ones in there more recently. I’ll check if I go tomorrow.

I just know that if I question the desirability of Shredded Wheat breakfasts during the current canicule, I’m going to get some innovative suggestions…

Apropos which, this is a good article that I’ve just finished reading and the BTL comments are prettty good too


Can’t get the link to work Mark. By the way, for long addresses like this one (which can sometime be a problem) I find TinyURL really useful


Sorry, this often happens with NYTimes links, try dragging over and copying the link then pasting it into a new browser tab (that just worked for me). But then tried your suggestion and that’s it! Thanks!! However, it doesn’t seem to work if you then try to fix it to your post with the SF ‘link’ button


I can get the normal, large Shredded Wheat, ok, it is the small ones I haven’t seen for a while, but not those but Shreddies are what I miss. Different altogether. :smiley:

I loved Lincoln biscuits and as for that instant tea of Nestles, well it was disgusting!

If Puffed Wheat became Sugar Puffs, Lidl do an entirely acceptable homage to them called Golden Puff under their Crownfield own brand.

Pretty sure I’ve seen Kellogg’s Sugar Puffs in at least one Intermarché in 47/82 border area as well.

Herself snagged a genuine packet of Frosties in Noz the other day and I may have released a squeak of delight when I saw the packet.

Any instant tea has to be dodgy methinks…

Nope, never heard of Lincoln biscuits.

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Pretty sure that all those others are not Puffed Wheat, Sugar Puffs was on the go at the same time. Also there is a Puffed Wheat ‘lookalike’ from Kelloggs, not as good. :slightly_frowning_face:

If i remember correctly, Puffed Wheat had little or no sugar, whereas Sugar Puffs were coated in a sugar syrup/glaze.