1P Mobile (Mobile Phone Provider)

Hi Folks,
I’m a relatively light phone user. I use my phone mostly for the odd phone call and, more often, for texts. But I’d seldom exceed say 10 texts in a day and often it would be less.

The network I use is called 1P Mobile. They charge 1p per minute for phone calls in the UK (landline or mobile), 1p per text and 1p per Mb of data.

Roaming is ‘free’ i.e. the charges are the same in Europe as they are in the UK, so no extra charge for using the phone in France, for example…

My plan costs me £30 a year. They now have a PAYG option which, for me, might be even cheaper.

I was wondering if anyone uses 1P Mobile in France and what they think of it?

Also, I’m hoping I can get internet via 1P Mobile to my PC when I move to France - I have yet to check if this is possible. In the UK I have EE internet where I live, so I don’t know how the internet would work with 1P Mobile, if at all. I’ll be looking for a cheap way to get reliable internet for e-mails and file transfers (no gaming or anything like that) when I move to France.

I would welcome any comments or advice.