2 CV hunt

Hi all, I'm hunting for a roadworthy wreck of a 2CV to use more as a van than a 4 seat vehicle.

It could be anywhere in France or the UK either LHD or RHD so long as it is legal for the road don't mind the condition colour etc.

Hi all, just to let you know i got one in the UK for half the price of french advertised ones. So will be off to France in it come January time.

Thanks for info though.


Thanks very much but all those numbers are not what i want to pay really, i know a place in Narbonne that breaks them up i might just wait till i am there.


Hi there, can't seem to track her down now she has moved, but if and when I pass her new house I will see if it's still for sale, or if I bump into a friend, who is a nurse with her. I don't know what you want to spend? But I would think she'd want a lot for it, it's in very good nick. Not a runabout/van at all. Have you tried the


very good website for all things in/about France. You might get your old banger there and cheaper? For your info. I bought mine in 2004 when we moved here, it went, but that was about it, no springs, roof had a tear in and it was 2000 euros, I sold it last year, having only just put a new roof on, and that was cheap, for 2500.

Good luck, and I'll be in touch if I get more info.


That would be good of you if you can ideally i would be looking to buy at the end of November when i come out to France for about a week.



Sadly I sold mine last year, but me ex neighbour has hers for sale, it's white/cream and in good condition, she lives nr saint Antonin noble val,dept 82, if you want me to find out how much I'm happy to.

Here's a link to a Google search for 2VC "for sale' adverts http://www.google.fr/search?hl=en&q=annonces+2cv&btnG=Google+Search&meta=

Found it in an old email I sent to a friend who was also looking