2 yr old black lab needs new home (currently in merville 31)

Some of you may have seen this message Kristy has put in the rescue group but I thought it may get a good viewing here too. I know Bob the dog too and would love to see him in a happy new home.

Bob is looking a for a new home, he’s a kind lovely friendly dog that loves children and cuddles. Unfortunatley through no fault of his own he needs a new home. His owners have to return to the UK and he can’t live with them where they are going. He’s up to date with his vaccinations and he’s 25 months old. He’s a good guard dog and loves being in the garden. Please can anyone help? Thankyou. :slight_smile:

Micro chip number: 250269602655943

Will also add that he has been happily living with 4 children, cats, rabbit, and hamsters so is safe with all animals and kids.

There is a pic of him in the pet rescue group, added today by Kristy, don’t know how to move it to here sorry!

Unfortunately not it seems, guess they were considering breeding. I can vouch for him with other dogs as he plays well with my boy. Very obedient, his only vice is walking on a lead, not so good. Has spent time around a friends baby too. He is used to free run of a large garden, no doubt extra land will be a dream to him.

Just check now!