20 funny french expressions

Some of these are quite funny until I think of some of the English ones.

I love expressions and their origins, esp when the origin is unknown and the expressions seem totally bizarre.

I bet many of you can add to the following:

20 funniest french expressions :-)

yes! thanks Tobias!

la langue de bois, it's they way politicians talk, avoiding a straight answer.

You're thinking of "la geule de bois"

la langue de bois..... the tongue made of wood.... to be hungover.

I got it! good one

Oh, ok.

Sexual innuendo in English Roger, sorry.

There are zillions of funny french expressions, just a couple spring to mind

Péter un câble - to go ballistic

La fin des haricots - The end of it or Goodnight Vienna etc

It refers to what happens to your face when you accidentally walk on a rake... Sometimes, that's how you feel when you are being ignored/rejected. :p

( but one doesn't say "I was given a rake", the expression is "I took a rake" (literal translation) = je me suis pris un rateau )

I'm definitely confused by number 3 ;)

Wanted to create a topic, but as this one already exist !
I like this one : “il y a anguille sous roche” there is a eel under the stone, means there is something fishy. This expression can be also heard now as “il y a baleine sous gravier”, there is a whale under gravel ! Means it’s obviously fishy !