20 something in need of social activities

I am hoping someone might be able to help with this one. We have my 28 year old son staying with us at the mo. Brief background, he’s a digital artist was working for good studio in UK (did many Lego computer games) took a chance on a 2 year adventure in Canada which was fab but they could not renew his contract, so now he is back in Europe looking for work. He does freelance illustration work to tide him over, but it is very isolating. We live between Niort and Chef Boutonne, but it’s hard to go into Niort on your own and if you don’t know ‘where’ to go!

So… Is there anyone living in this area with 20/30 something offspring who have social activities going on?

Are you a 20/30 something willing to let this young man join some of your social events?

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what had could/should do to get out and meet people?

Thanks for any help or suggestions that you can offer!!

I’m a member of that one Katherine, but the recent activity was a bit of a way from us. I’ll add him to that group though and he can then join anything in our area should he be able to.

France & Beyond - Refugee Aid - People to People (FRANCE)

is a good start. its a Facebook group. a closed group but he should search it and ask to join. it is then divided up into sub groups all over france. and links to different groups both french and from all over that are doing things.

including groups such as www.socksforrefugees.com

Katherine, can you message me details of some of the networks and / or contacts so that I can pass them on to him? Might well be something he would be willing and interested in getting involved with. Thanks!

Hi, If your son has an interest in the politics of the refugee crisis he might want to join up with people who help doing fundraising and transporting and etc for the refugees stuck in camps or struggling to get across other boarders... I know a good network of people via the social media and there are lots of both French and english speaking involved. If he is interested in this it might be a good way for him to get involved and meet some interesting people. and there are lots of different skill sets required. Obviously its not a job, but a way of him putting his skills to use and networking if he wants.

Just a suggestion, and , please, people on this site, please don't use this as an excuse to talk politics or get into a debate that is not relevant to the discussion in question. (thanks)

Leave it alone David.

Joan is that the limit of your argument?

Thanks Peter, we are about an hour from Poitiers, don't know it all that well, other than the odd tourist trip! Niort is our nearest town and I've have some good suggestions of places to go there.

He does plan on going to the BD festival in Angouleme in January - I think it is? Didn't know about the one in Limoges - sounds interesting. He can look that one up!

He plays it well Vivien, and, as I say, it is just another stringed instrument with a really interesting sound! (By this point on SundayI was feeling distinctly under attack! Hence the slightly defensive comment!)

Hi Karen, Don't know if you know Poitiers ? Nice little town with loads to do and some great restaurants. 10% of the population are students hence the good social life.

Angoulême is nice too and the BD Festival is coming up and well worth a visit for him I would think. There's also another BD Festival near Limoges (St Just) later in the year. It boasts some of the most well known cartoonists in France (including Charlie Hebdo staff).

if I understand correctly Karen the emphasis is on the "Vive" in Survive. A clever little device I think. Had this just been a forum for those that wanted to "survive", which is what I mistakenly considered it originally, I never would have bothered to join. The real ethos is "enjoy" France I think, and that's just what your son needs to get out and do.

Excellent - that certainly opens the options door a little further. I thought if he was reliant on a motorbike or something the weather might create a problem.

Yes he has his own car, so can travel wherever!

I have asked you to be my "friend" so I can pm you with the details.

Yes it is a lively town John, with a lot going on. And tbh i’m surprised that he hasn’t taken himself off there to just have a mosey round the bars etc… Though not so easy on your own, but definitely not beyond him! His French is certainly good enough to get by!

Yes it would be good… Fact is he’d like to move out and be in a city or large town so spending a big of time in Angouleme staying with someone who knows ‘where to go’ and can recommend bars etc would be good for him!

That would be brilliant Melissa, although it is just about an hours drive from us, staying over would enable him to make the most of it. Please could you message me the details. Thank you!
(Not sure why this appears at the end, I hit reply next to your comment, Melissa!! )

Yes he was planning on going to this as, although it is not necessarily his area of work, contacts and meeting others working in the same way as he is will be useful!

Yes we know this website and will direct said son towards what’s going on. Another really useful one is onvasortir.fr which has great social events for people to join, so really useful!

Melissa has come up with some interesting options which might be appealing.