20 weeks pregnant when moving to France...advice?


Once again I come to SFN to try and calm my thoughts!

We will not be physically moving to France until mid September, by which point (all going well) I will be 20 or so weeks pregnant with our first. I am a bit anxious as I have read that you need to be registered before 14weeks? I do not expect to get maternity benefits or anything - as OH and I have not been working in France over the last few years.

Please, can anyone share advice/experiences with moving later in pregnancy?

Should have OH carte vitale renewed by then ( although no action on it for the last 6 years?) as he moves to the AE scheme.

ANyone had a baby with no carte vitale???!!!!!

Have a great fear that the paperwork will not be done in time for baby in January.. and no doubt paying for it all would cost thousands ( and that is double in NZ $!!).

I have written before regarding our planned move to France and hubbiy registerign as AE. He is English, I am a New Zealander. I will be listed as a dependent (not conjoint, thanks folks for the advice!) on his Carte Vitale.

Hope that you are all having a great week.. summer sun somewhere?

Thanks in advance, your words are hugely appreciated.

If you husband has enough hours for the carte vitale and you are registered as a dependant then you will be covered, but will be wise to get a mutuelle too.

You can't get your carte vitale until you have done a certain amount of hours, so might be a good idea for your husband to do some temporary agency work and then you can get enough hours quickly, before e starts as AE.