2011, Year of the Pyrenees

You may not know but the CTP is launching 2011 as Pyrenees' Year. Martin Malvy, the President of Region Midi-Pyrenees is also President of the Work Community of the Pyrenees (CTP), regrouping 3 French regions, Andorra and 4 Spanich regions. The Community of Regions has launched the Year of the Pyrenees.. Welcome to 2011!

I hope we can, at our own little level, help people (re)discover the Pyrenees. What do you think?

Indeed Martin, it is often the Comm that let's them down. This time around I have great hopes for two reasons.

1/ It is 7 regions project, with a lot to be done on the spanich side.

2/ It is in the same line as the Grands Sites campaign that did quite well last year.

We shall see. :)

Sounds like a good idea to draw more people to the Pyrenees. Will it be widely publicised though? From my dealings with French events, many are really badly publicised and often getting even the most basic of details is difficult. Hopefully some of the budget will be spent in this area.