2017 who is going to make a great change?

Are you going to change your life, make something wonderful happen
or do something to help others?

As you know we have just done something to help others, not appreciated even though for their own family.

Moving to France, if all goes to plan.

Tell us more. What is calling you to France and where will you settle down?

Hi Barbara,

We are moving to France because of my husbands health. He has nerve damage in his left leg and is in a lot of pain here (SW Scotland). It isn’t treatable and doesn’t require any medical care, the climate is the key.
We are looking at property on the border of Saone et Loire and Jura (probably into Jura). We currently run a successful bnb apartment (after having to change our life due to his health), call this a trial run but we would like to do chambre d’hote and gites in France. We do love France and are looking forward to our new life but some of the problems and in particular all the admin when our French is very basic do scare me but we will make a success of this and moving is what we have to do. My husband is like a new man whenever we are in the area we are going to move to.

I meant to say 'some of the problems I read about on SFN scare me’
Also any general advice on our move would be welcomed. Thanks

Hi @Catherine_Robinson - all the best with your move. A couple of things:

  1. Rent before you buy.
  2. If climate is so important - make sure you’ve picked the right area for your husbands health. Check out the year round stats. In my area South of Toulouse - our temperatures can range between -15C - +40C and the winters are long.
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Wish you good luck with your search and your move. And your life in France.

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Thanks for your advice Simon, we do know the area well and we have holidayed there frequently. Temperature is not the issue, it’s all about air pressure and the continental climate with prevailing wind from the alps are perfect. He is like a walking barometer so our experience tells us the correct area.

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What sort of problems worry you?
Just about everything seems to have a solution.
We have a great mix of people in our general region and tourism
and weddings are doing well. Weather good. But still cold in winter.

The only change is to become more organised - I’m hopeless!! But I do wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year - I hope all plans come to fruition, dreams become reality and peace and contentment reign supreme. V x

I would like to be able to do that too.

Hi Barbara,

Happy New Year! Everything is treatable, it’s just that our silly bunch of modern medical professionals are not aware of anything beyond what Big Pharma taught them.

Happy New Year! Helping others, done that. Now finally some time for changes that will be for us. First, getting the house ready for sale. Next sell and move to another country. We’ve done enough of the surviving thingemie and it’s getting really old.


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We are moving to the Dordogne in 10 days time! Moving from the Cote d’Azur though, already lived in France for 13 years. Sooo looking forward to proper space for animals and quiet around me. Found a great property with 4 B&B rooms and 3 gites, so that will keep us busy! Have done rentals here on the coast already, can’t wait to continue our succes (hopefully) in a different environment. The dream is for Mr to retire from his day job, and working together in this new venture. Can’t wait!!

Where will you be?
We are 33890 and doing the same.
Yes lots of green, open land and some interesting people hidden
here and there.

Oh well…where will you go?
Every where seems to be a bit about survival…???

Hi Barbara,

sorry for the delay in responding, I think mostly the worry is the bureaucracy, knowing what we have to do when we move and to move, all the paperwork and tax etc involved in running a business. Also reading about the man who had paid for an extended warranty on a washing machine (or something similar), the retailer had just been deliberately awkward to try and get out of fixing it, to sort that out in my basic French…well I would just have to give up!! Are you doing Gites and Chambre d’Hote? That is what we will be doing. Most likely buy a place that isn’t currently a Chambre d’Hote and we will make it our own. All the best for 2017.

just seen your message,
not sure about this new system
yes we have a chamber d hote and rent the whole
house in high season.
Where ever you go there are new problems to sort out and life
goes on with different pattens and colour schemes.