2019 Tax Return Deadline Reminders

Online : earliest deadline is 21 May 2019 - latest is 04 June 2019
Paper: deadline is 16 May 2019 midnight.

Reminder - national deadline for paper returns is midnight tonight, 16 May 2019.

Reminder - deadline for online returns for departments 01 to 19 and non-residents is midnight Tuesday 21 May.

Reminder - deadline for online returns for departments 20 to 49 and Corsica is midnight Tuesday 28 May.

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Anyone else having trouble filing their French Tax return online today? I finished ours at lunchtime but have been unable to post it as the site says there is a technical error. I’ve changed browsers, changed computers, logged out and in again but to no avail. Is it volume of traffic? (PS the helpline was closedwhen I rang this afternoon!)
Thanks, in advance

Sorry Franz - can’t help with your issue but, as a general reminder - final deadline for 2019 declarations (on 2018 income / expenditure) is midnight 4 June 2019.

Amendments can be made after this date but no new / initial returns can be submitted online. You will be able to make a late paper declaration which may be subject to fines and increased taxation depending on just how late it is.