2023 Scam warning

A timely warning that the scammers are all over social media to divert donations intended for victims of the recent earthquake in Turkey

It is always best to make donations online only via the charity official websites and never clicking on a link in social media, email or text.

It is appalling that genuine sympathy for the victims of this tragedy are being diverted to some unspeakable people.

P.S. followers of the AI art thread will note that AI is still bizarrely creating human images with six fingers. I wonder if this is an intentional fault written into the original program?

OH has had two emails in the last 24 hours purporting to be from the government asking her to pay a 35E parking fine. Given that she’s not had a parking ticket and the email doesn’t contain any other information ie car reg, date, place etc it’s clearly a scam.

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They send the ammend by post, not phone or email and you have a time in which to send your payment. Clearly a scam if you receive such demands not on official paper and can verify you were in the sector mentioned on that date.

If you’re not expecting it, there’s a 99% chance it’s a scam.

Make that 1000% if the text or email claims to be from the police or judiciary. If they want to talk to you, people in blue uniforms will be knocking on your door.

The email client in iThings lets you look at the email address without opening the email itself so you can safely check if the address and domain are legit.

If the email does appear legit, you can play Super Safe by not clicking any links and visit the website mentioned manually to see what messages your espace client may have waiting for you.

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When I get an email which I’m not sure about, I click on the link to its website and then copy and paste the first few notable sentences from the website into a browser, with an added word, ‘anarque’.

Works for me.

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I just admit, Is never click on a link in an email unless I was absolutely sure it was genuine. Much better to type the address in manually.

Better still, “arnaque”…

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Yes, thankyou. Must brush up! It wasn’t a typo.

I’m awlays tranpsosing letters.

I’m well protected by my virus software which steps in immediately and prevents a malicious website from opening if I click on its link.

I’ve noted that when I misspell a word in English or French, Google usually corrects it!

Google corrected it…

Just thought I’d share this here… this person’s flight was cancelled so he looked up the airline’s number on Google and almost got scammed due to Google Maps having the incorrect number. Seems it’s not just Delta that’s being targeted (and that Google are not spotting).


If you don’t use or like Twitter then here’s the entire thread in a much more easy-to-read format…