2023 tax return

It really is an uncessarily complicated document imo, I never seem to know exactly when to switch from the main part to the 2 for foreign income. It would have been so easy for them to switch automatically once it knows your financial origins.

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Agreed… and it would also be an idea for them to put “last year’s figures” alongside whatever box they appeared in “last year”
Then all one has to do is put in “this year’s figures” if there are any… :wink:

When I filled my return in this year I noted all the boxes I used, and kept the posted paper documents so I can also be sure the box references haven’t changed in next years declaration. I want to make sure next years process is as smooth as possible.

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I have printed all the pages of this years declaration which contain entries I have made. I did so last year too and thought it would be a breeze this year. :roll_eyes:

The important thing is to cross all the boxes which are obligatory, there are others, like the one @Stella pointed me to, which only possibly save money and are not necessary to the completion. I think we must be so low beneath the trigger point for payment that such savings are irrelevant. Which is why I never correct their version of my French pensions, the extra couple of euros in error makes no difference.

I have photocopied it every year as my boxes are automatically filled in to verify and sign for so I will know for the next time. In fact this year I had to add one month’s salary that the employer did not inform the authorities about, I’m not hiding anything from them and not my fault.

the box I pointed you at is to avoid paying CSG (French sociale charges)

sadly, not everyone gets this level of service… :wink: we’re still regarded as “oddball foreigners” and have to seek and fill in the boxes every time… and that’s if we can find 'em :wink:

One small item is reported direct to Impots and that is useful as it shows the Source has deducted CSG… .
We confirm to Impots that we are covered by a Foreign Health… the Impots give us the CSG refund… direct into our Bank Account…

Yes, I realise that now, but she wouldn’t pay that anyway (which is why not crossing it last year made no difference) and, although I used to pay it myself, I haven’t been asked to for several years.

Although we don’t feel poor, but maybe that is because we have always lived simply, we are obviously considered to be so by those who decide such things.

“Being rich is NOT having much (vast sums/whatever) … it’s being content with what one has…”

Bearing that in mind… OH and I are “very, very rich…” :+1: :+1: :+1:
and I reckon many of us feel the same… :wink:


Let’s hear it for the Rich club then. :joy:

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Yes I suppose if you have never worked or received CAF in France they don’t know about you, only what you disclose. Therein lies the problem for many brits who are not good with the language and have to try and translate best they can plus those with lots of bank accounts, investments etc have a lot to contend with.

The boxes to tick to avoid CSG… apply to all nationalities who are covered by a foreign health service…

Frankly, I can’t understand why I have to tick this box every year… my life doesn’t change, my health cover doesn’t change…

Before things became done online… the local tax officer has us all tagged and knew what was what… now it’s all down to computers… aargh

There’s a bug that appears in most browsers that doesn’t let you go back to the previous page. I just log out of the site. When you log back in you will have to go through all the pages, but at least you can reach the page you need.
I find when using the Microsoft Edge browser it more often than not lets you go back. But not consistently so! Terrible programming.

Yes, I found that out the hard way, but sometimes you have to input again, but not every time. :roll_eyes:

I use James at ARCPOD to do my tax returns. He doesn’t cost a fortune to do them. He might be able to offer you some advice, in need.

Hi Angela,
My first message to the tax office had not been answered after 12 days so I sent another last Thursday and still no answer. If there is no reply by next Thursday, I think I will take screen shots of the relevant information and send them that. I am so fed up with it now.

I read that as “no point modifying if modifying makes under 5% difference to the deduction”.

Tax office(Impôts) are useless. I have been trying for six months to get through to the old office where I lived until last year over a demand for TF which was €800 more than I have always paid and they agreed it was an error but…you just cannot speak to anyone, sending emails by the dozen we did butno response and same with letters by LRAR, receipt but no response. I sent cheque for the TF they said I owed properly for two months upto house sold back on 23rd March, still not cashed nor able to get through. Its ridiculous. Emails are a waste of time, best to write a letter I think to anywhere important these days and send LRAR.

I do not understand why you should have to send a LRAR to get a response from anyone but it seems that is the way things can go these days. Is it lack of staff or imcompetantcy, who knows!

I am sure if I did not send in my return, the would respond but perhaps not in a way I would like.

Unfortunately LRAR is the only way to proove you have posted something and someone has signed that its been received. If you write a letter in France and it becomes part of a court case, only post sent by LRAR or messenger proving it has been sent and signed for is taken into account, ordinary post is dismissed as never having been sent. I think the whole attitude to working in offices for the public has changed due to covid, the moral is also very low what with all the pension,cost of living and other problems that are current.