2023 tax return

I think you are right there, @frednat . What puzzles me is that it doesn’t allow you to specify the sum you want to pay and of course I was going to put in a sum that would be equivalent over 7 months to what they would be charging over the 4 months at the end of the year. It looks like they divide the tax due into 12, then tell me it’s too small over the residual 7 months (which it would be, of course) :roll_eyes: When the prélèvement first came in, I could specify the amount I wanted to pay.

I think I’m stuck with the September to December one that they impose, but when they reset it to zero again in January, I’ll see if I can change it then. If not, it’s visiting-the-tax-office time…

Hi, on our first (and 2nd for Mme) paper returns I wrote the exact wording of the 8SH box on the return, drew a box and ticked it! Worked as far as I can see (though first year income was nowhere near Social charges limit anyway - but mme’s second was I think and no charges…

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many thanks. Seems as we thought! Two quick questions, did the 2044 just pop up with the 2047 or did you tick a box at the start to get it? And did you enter any UK property address in any of the forms, or just stick in UK as some do.?

I see you did the 20 euro room flat rate - nice ! You didn’t declare / have (?) any finance costs? No probs I’ll work my way around the form :slight_smile: Cheers!

@larkswood12 the 2044 and 2047 just popped up automatically after completing the 2042.

And yes I did enter the complete address in the UK, plus the name of my tenant, and no I don’t have any finance costs, so it appeared to be pretty straightforward. Should be a breeze next year now I know which sections are relevant to my situation. At least for the next many years until I receive a pension, but that is in the very distant future so no concern right now :joy:

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Well, you’ll have something to look forward to for a long time! (The pension not the return). Again, thanks for responses, interesting you did the 2042 first, the ‘guides’ say do that last and start with the 2047!

Well, I guess there’s many ways to skin a expat cat :slight_smile: - not that I mind paying the France taxes, I’d rather it goes to France than the likes of Zahawi and Sunak… No chance of our UK taxes ever reaching the NHS, I’m sure it’s flush with 350M a week brexit funds, so it doesn’t need our tax money.


Can I just say thank you to everyone that has contributed to this thread. It’s such a relief to know that somewhere in it there is guidance at all levels, and that if not, someone will come to the rescue with a sensible comment or suggestion.

Was also grateful that the discipline imposed in past years by @graham to keep all the tax queries for each year in the one thread has been respected. Ta Graham wherever you are, hope you’re OK.

My paper return went off on time today. Thanks again for this thread as even though I am a totally uncomplicated case i find the whole thing so stressful.

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Woke up in the middle of the night in panic, suddenly realised that I have only another 7 days to submit my online return. So I got up there and then and I have all the figures amassed and ready now.

Just one thing though, as my only transfer last year was way back when I got 1.19 and I know it has gone down since, to save me rummaging right back through this thread can anybody confirm that the average touted by various French sources is now 1.15 something?

If so I will declare at 1.16 in the hope that there will be no comeback. I have read most of this thread but we are simple folk and have very little in terms of complicated stuff that many others seem to have. :grinning:

1.1579 or 1.158 depending which tax office you ask!

Thank you @AngelaR, it doesn’t really matter because our income has never been sufficient to attract tax, but I have always averaged it out according to the rate I have actually got during the year. However it seems a bit silly to use the figure I have which was obtained way back in January '22, the only transfer we did last year, so I want to err on the side of caution and use 1.16. Just thought I would check that I hadn’t missed something in my cursory reading of this thread. :wink: :smile:

Well I’ve been at it for hours and thought it was all done and dusted but I am hooked up on this:

Indiquez le montant des revenus d’activité et de remplacement déjà déclarés aux rubriques 1 et 5 (sans déduction de l’impôt payé à l’étranger) qui sont imposables aux contributions sociales en France (voir notice sur «impots.gouv.fr» et [2041GG](javascript:;)) et reportez-les sur votre déclaration n°2042C, cadre 8 comme indiqué
Indiquez vos revenus selon le taux de CSG qui leur est applicable
Reportez sur déclaration principale :
revenus non salariaux 9,2 % 8TQ

The only thing that could possibly apply to us is this last one 8TQ, but I have all my pages from last year and I definitely didn’t fill that in and was not faulted for it. Any idea what, if anything, I should put in there please?

In section 8
surely you only need to tick the 2 boxes which confirm you have S1’s and therefore are exempt from CSG…
8SH and 8SI are the relevant boxes… tick 'em quickly… :wink:

The queues outside the tax office in Tours today was mad.

It won’t let me go back to 8 from 9, I think I will have to go forward and back to the start again. Only Fran has an S1 because I worked here. Looking at those 2 boxes on last year’s page I definitely didn’t x them then but I did, and have, crossed 8UU higher up. Was that a mistake? I did x it last year though with no problem.

Edit: It has timed out now and I am drained and in any case much else to do, will have to try again later. I wish I had never given up the paper ones now though, had nothing but grief and stress since the change.

8UU is the box you tick to say you have foreign accounts… and then you send the details on form 3916(?) or just on a blank paper which is what I did this year.

The boxes to tick for Health cover/S1 thsu NO CSG for Fran is “8SI” (presumably you did that last year… too)
Frankly, you could send a message later, via your online “space”… for anything you’ve got wrong or forgotten…
Getting the Declaration in on time is the important step… :wink:

No I didn’t x 8S1 last year, I have the paper copy in front of me now, and I can’t get it in on time if it won’t let me finish to the end. It’s always been a pain but I have never had this total refusal before. I’ll have another look at it tomorrow, in between all the female activity. It’s shower day for Fran and I have been told I have to be here for that each week so I can help. But thanks for yours anyway Stella. :smiley:

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let’s hope you sleep well and awake refreshed and ready for the fray… :wink:

I’ve got a problem with 3916.
I had some accounts from last year’s declaration. I clicked on reporter, or whatever it was, I can’t remember, to keep them.
A few days later I wanted to add 2 new accounts. Now there is a table with the two new accounts detailed at the top, under Numéro de compte ou contrat de capitalisation et Désignation de l’établissement, and just blanks underneath where the other accounts should be, all with supprimer in blue on the right.
So somehow the other accounts are still there, but not detailed, if you get what I mean.
Has anyone else experienced this?
Maybe I’ll have to reenter them to be on the safe side?

I wouldn’t put it quite like that but the good news is that it is sorted. :joy: :joy: and I have received the confirmation email. :smiley:

I did click the box you advised, just for Fran, but also managed to enter the second UK bank account, but it wasn’t straightforward because I got interrupted when Gill arrived, it timed out and I had to go back to the beggining again. I did not correct it when it, as usual, alleged that I had received 2 euros more on my French pensions. It happens every year and I don’t correct it in case it involves me in even more stress.

Best result though €0 to pay. :rofl:

1.15794 is what the tax office quoted to me when I rang them last week

Had similar issue…clicked the ‘Reporter’ button…had to sign out and when I went back in…the accounts were there with just ‘Suprimer’ button but no other information…but when I clicked the ‘suivant’ button bottom right, a page opened for me to re-enter all the details all over again. There was no choice…I couldn’t go any further in the Declaration without doing so.