2023 Vaccination Timetable and Charges

Yes, I asked for tetanus and had the jab in January. I’ve not done a claim yet but I’m sure it would work out close enough to free. You can only get it here by taking the jab that is for all 3 of those diseases whether you need it or not. Zero after effects just a rather sore arm for a while muscular no swelling etc.

In the UK I’d been told I wouldn’t need tetanus vacc again as I had lifetime protection. ISTR doc said if I’d landed at hospital with a gash from a rusty nail they might then do it prophylactically. But otherwise they wouldn’t give it again.

I asked MT here for it as our property used to have horses on it (they leave tetanus spores in the soil, which are viable 100 years or something) and I am forever coming across rusty nails. My French doctor said in France they don’t consider you lifetime protected after a certain number of jabs and told me I was due for it anyway.

There was absolutely no need for diphtheria nor polio as I grew up in a program that definitely did give lifetime immunity for both of those but France only does tetanus within the triple vaccine.

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Yes I had that one the other year too and the poor muscle ached for days. All my family down here had it because of the risk of the current resurgence of diptheria and polio and we want to protect ourselves and the little ones. Sadly the old diseases are being brought in from countries where the people are fleeing from.

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That must be new, I had my tetanus booster as a standalone a couple of years ago.

There are cases of tetanus every year in France almost always in older people who eg garden and haven’t had their yearly médecine du travail visit because they are retired. So I was told by a friend who is a Dr in my local hospital.


Natural immunity reduces with age so it is important to make appropriate measures.

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Like you…

Must confess I thought that we’d “only” been given the Tet jab by our MTraitant…
He asked what jabs we’d had and at roughly what age… then said the Tet was a “must have”… and that’s what I’ve noted on the file… (2026 for our next Tet one, so I’ll report back if it turns out to be a triple…) :+1: :wink:

Did your MT give it to you or did he give you an ordonnance, @stella

Both… he gave us the paperwork, we collected the necessary from the pharmacy… then our MT jabbed us …

possibly nowadays the actual jab could be done at the pharmacy

That’s what I was thinking, Stella…

Both in my case, he gave me a prescription, I went and got it in the pharmacie, he injected it and stamped my carnet de santé. Didn’t charge me for 2 visits even though it was.

I think getting boosters is a very good idea, I thought I was immune to whooping cough after having it as a child, but I got it a few years ago (at this time of year) and was hideously ill, I thought I was going to die and was off work for over a month. Apparently it is quite common in older people because it doesn’t generally present as it does in children (but mine did).


Thanks for the encouragement @vero and @stella - I shall definitely ask my MT on my next visit. In fact, I think I might make a special one!

You can chat at your Pharmacy perhaps… (for free) … about these vaccinations…
and then go to the Doc for chat/prescription… just a thought.

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Good idea, @stella !

Oh dear believe me I made it clear to my MT I really didn’t want vaccinating for anything but tetanos. But she definitely stated the vaccination was only available as a triple.

I’m sure if you had contra-indications meaning you shouldn’t have the others, a single tetanus-only vacc would probably be available, in hospital, say.

But if this means my MT is bullying me and forcing me to have a vaccine I’ve specifically said I don’t want and don’t need, then I won’t trust this MT for anything else.

Can others please report back whether they have no difficulty getting a vacc for just tetanus or if they are forced into a triple

why not ask at your Pharmacy…???

Good idea but too late. With a doctor’s prescription in front of them they’ll fill it and not too interested in querying.

Ah… I talk with our Pharmacist before I ask for medication… and often before I’ve visited the Doc (as the Surgery is much further away than the Pharmacy…)

It seems your Dr isn’t telling you nonsense, look here

But the others are worth getting if you aren’t up to speed :slightly_smiling_face:


Informed consent doesnt exist in France?

I got called up last year to have the tetanus booster, and when doc heard I hadn’t had one for maybe 40 years she decided to start from scratch, so a booster plus a repeat a month later, and then again in a year. It was the combined one, but I couldn’t be bothered to argue.

Currently scratching my head about covid booster. I am eligible for it on 17 June. But the programme only runs to the 16th! Pharmacist is going to ask a higher being.

Having avoided Covid so far I would like to continue to do so.

Having a jab will not let you avoid covid.