2023 Vaccination Timetable and Charges

Whilst you must do what you feel you should there should also be some concern towards the raised mortality rates from several countries which do not make news at all. A 22% increase in mortality and no news broadcast no lectures from “experts” A rise in myocarditis unexplained. A miniscule benefit from tje jab now the evidence has been examined.

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From the vaccine? Link please.

They dont know Jane as its not the sort of documentation thats allowed out these days but there is increased mortalilty being documented from government stats.

I see there is a growing EU/world wide Covid summit from concerned professors and doctors. Much of the content cannot be screened on main stream outlets, science is being gagged it seems in favour of an easy life and easy profits.

Although I did post the link on another thread I am posting it here also as it should be relevant to people making their own decisions in light of data surfacing.
I could not post the WHO ducument as it seems to have gone from the web so with appologies here is John Campbells brief look at the WHO’s press release.

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There’s a lot of talk of this from conspiracy theorists, but the papers that I’ve found which have investigated with substantial numbers of subjects show the increased risk is very very small.

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There is a lot of talk and some debunking…

The WHO document describes the mechanism by which the MS could occur, the “fact checkers” offered nothing to explain or dispute the WHO document. Who fact checks the fact checkers? Mostly just unqualified journalist but as we move forward in these times more of this unexplained nonsense prevails over the science and the data.

I thought it was quite an interesting look at what is being splashed about Social Media (not here)… against the reality…

As much as I am not a fan of the WHO, especially with their demonic plans to tell countries and populations what to do and impose stupid lockdowns etc. They produced a document linking said RNS vaccines to MS, there have been concerns on the rise of other auto immune deseases but that could be co incidental, this outlined the metabolic pathway for MS to be triggered in some, albeit a low number but that was good enough for me to post this for people to make their own choices.

Absolutely so…
the links I posted showed how information from a legit site is often “transformed out of all proportion”… on Social Media (not us)… and folk get a distorted idea sold to them as “fact”.