20cm sponge flan base, can I buy this in France and, if so, what do I ask for?

I want to make a baked alaska for my grandson’s birthday and am looking for a 20cm pre baked sponge base, as I only have a smaller mould.
Do they exist in France and what should I ask for please?

I don’t know whether or not they exist Jane but it would probably be un génoise de 20cm prêt à garnir.You could ask your local patissier to make you one . It shouldn’t be a problem as they will be making génoise all the time

Thanks David, I have asked our neighbour who is a baker and he did not recognise it.
I will have to make two bases as my mould is not
big enough.
Our daughter who is staying here says that they have shelves of them in Germany.

home-made is nearly always best… no matter what size…:wink: and an investment in a 20cm might well be the way to go…

Did you explain to your baker that you want to make …Dessert bombe Alaske… or perhaps he is not into patisserie…

I did suggest a patissier Stella not a boulanger. Even a boulanger patissier should know what génoise is.

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Yes, I agree… bit odd… but there you go… I reckon a new baking tin will come in useful … :slight_smile:

This is a one off for my grandson’s birthday. He normally lives in Munich.
I can make two or we will make baked alaska and brown ies as well.

Hi Jane… you could make two… with each slightly different in some way…how yummy… :slight_smile:

I could, ut I have already bought enough ice cream fir the 20 cm that I cannot find. It is creme brulee i e cream, which does sound yummy.

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I always have creme brûlée ice cream when I’m in La Rochelle. It’s exactly like a good Cornish ice cream.

Une omelette norvégienne surely Stella.

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Amazon uk & fr have them.

We make omelette norvégienne on a base of booze-soaked biscuits à la cuiller, usually, rather than génoise, maybe that is why you can’t find them.

That said, they have frozen plain génoises in Thiriet, I have seen them but have no idea about how good they are.


I was looking through the recipes and this is what I found… Bombe Alaska:. round genoese base, centre of ice-cream, soft fruit optional… meringue heaped over everything, then toasted. Perhaps there is more than one sort…I’ve never made either dessert… but it does sound delicious… :relaxed:

We do nit have Thiriet near us. I have made two whisked sponge bases myself this morning and they will become baked alaskas tomorrow.