23 euros every month deducted - why?


I am having 23 euros deducted by every month on or around 15th for taxes:

I have checked my online Impôts account and with URSSAF and can see no record of deductions being made.

Any ideas?

Do the numbers/references (which you rightly masked) relate to you in any way…???

They do seem to be fairly close to my numbers

Close is not enough in my book. :wink:
which bank is this being taken from… one you can visit (ie bricks and mortar?)

CA Britline - I can phone them, way too far to pop in!

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Not just any old taxes, your income tax based on your projected revenues for 2022. You should be able to find the details of this on your impots.gouv.fr personal taxation web page. Unless you have notified them of a change before mid-December 2021, or some time during 2022, this will be the amount that they indicated to you last year (October time ?).

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But only since September 2022?

It turns out you are absolutely 100% correct - I have found a reference to it on last year’s tax return.

Thank you for your help.

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Rice pudding has answered, but also think it is prélèvement à source. Especially as it says so at the middle of your screen shot!

Frankly… I think you are wise to query debits which do not immediately appear to be correct.
Far too many nasty scams going-on and, who knows, with reference numbers which you didn’t recognise… it could simply have been debited to the wrong bank account.
Whatever… check and check again… money’s too hard to come by to let it go without a reasonable fight… :+1: :+1:

It is the first time I have come across them - I will know for next time.

We had a big (one-off) increase in our income for 2021 as a result of my partner’s UK “tax-free” lump sum which he was given no choice about taking, so we knew it would be taxed and had factored it in. The reason I’m mentioning it is not any form of complaint, just that the deductions only started in September, like @Mat_Davies 's, presumably because the final tax return figures were finalised by the govt in August.

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If it was a one-off, so won’t apply next year, you can alter the prélèvement à la source yourself so you don’t pay too much.

Go into your espace particulier and select Actualiser suite à une hausse ou une baisse de vos revenus .