24th november 2010

Went to Nontron last week for the 'attestation' to prove that I've paid tax on the camping Panzer, so decided to try the Prefecture in Perigueux to start the registration process, got the German Reg document, a controle technique, the bill of sale, the C of C from Fiat and a partial C of C from Hymer-Loisirs for the conversion.

I knew that the documentation was insufficient because prior to 2001 the French and Germans hadnt agreed common standards for caravans therefore I was looking forward to a trip to Bordeaux for another Controle and a visit to Bureau Veritas for a gas and Electricity check to make sure that the van would meet with French regles. Experts had assured me that the Prefecture would demand such checks and would provide a list of approved test houses that would eventually provide more papers for at least €400.00

Arrived at the Prefecture at lunch time and didnt have to queue! Bored Functionaire took all my papers (I even remembered an Electricity bill) and gave me a form to fill out with my name and address..........checked the papers and announced that I didnt have the bil of sale? panic attack nearly led to a smoking fine but SHMBO found the little sucker inside the carte vert and so normality was restored.

Much to my suprise she handed me a payment slip for €151.50 which I paid and was given a Garte Gris.......... this should not have happened but who am I to argue with the state?

Perhaps that wasnt a suicidal old lady who stepped out in front of me in Boulazac?

We now have French plates ready for our trip to the wonders of Portugal in the spring.

Now if i can find at least one inexpensive 'Velo a assistance electrique' for the memshahib and her damaged Knees life will be simpler.