28th april air strike

Hi, I was hoping to get some imformation on the upcoming strike threatened on the 28th april, i am due to fly out of Biarritz thursday, but can't seem to be able to find on any imfo on it ...I have rang Biarritz airport and they could give absolutely no imformation, can't contact my airline, what are we supposed to do ?!! anyone have imformation ?

Hope this helps lil


thanks for the link michael, but i can't see if this means all flights are off or some ?

Oh typical the day I am flying back to montpellier with 3 children...joy! There's nothing on easyJet website yet. I will keep looking.

The only info I could find on French news was a rough guess of 20% of orly flights would be cancelled. No other announcements yet but it is declared n the union websites so I guess we just wait and see.

so maybe there is a chance ...i believe the last time ryanair cancelled across the board....as where planes were going to be stranded ..hard to believe noone has imfo on it !

Fingers crossed for you.

I am due to come over by ferry on 28th - so far our crossing is as scheduled ? Will find out tomorrow for sure.


I hope this will help, taken from the Air France website within the last 5 minutes,

Bon chance


National call for strike action in France on 28 April 2016

National call for strike action in France on 28 April 2016

Updated on April 27, 2016 at 12h15 Paris local time

In the context of a national call for strike action on Thursday 28 April, the DGAC (French Civil Aviation Authority) has requested airlines to adapt their flight schedule to and from Paris-Orly airport.

As a consequence, we plan to operate from Thursday, April 28, 2016:
- Our whole long-haul flights
- All our flights from and to Paris - Charles de Gaulle
- 80% of our domestic flights to and from Paris - Orly

The update of our flight schedule for Thursday, April 28 is on-going.
Last-minute delays and cancellations can also be expected.

We invite you to privilege check-in online. Please take your precautions to arrive to the airport as public transportation could be disrupted.

Before going to the airport or train station, we advise you to check flight and train information updated in real-time on our website, in the “Flight and airport info” section.

How to stay informed?
We have an "AF Connect" service which directly informs you in 13 languages all around the world on your mobile phone or e-mail. To be notified personally, we invite you to update your contact information (phone and / or e-mail) in your reservation file on our website.

Moreover, if you hold an Air France ticket on a domestic flight to or from Orly on April 28, 2016 and if you wish to modify your journey, we propose you the following possibilities, valid until April 30, 2016:

- You may postpone your trip until April 30, 2016 included, at no extra cost in the same ticketed cabin.

You can make these changes on this website*, in the "Your reservations" section, on our mobile sites or from your travel agent.

- To postpone your trip beyond April 30, 2016, to change your origin or destination or if you no longer wish to travel, you can benefit of non-refundable voucher valid one year on Air France or KLM or Hop.

Our teams are fully mobilized and make their utmost to assist you and minimize the impact on your travel plans.

We thank you for your understanding.

View / modify your reservations

Flight schedules

thanks, but if you are not flying with air france ?...i can't find out any imfo still..

New update from Ryanair - flights affected 28th

Flight Cancellations
Flight No.
Departure Airport
Arrival Airport
FR8804 Cologne Malaga T2
FR2526 Madrid Berlin
FR9976 Pisa Paris Beauvais
FR2511 Malaga T2 Paris Beauvais
FR9631 Rome Ciampino Paris Beauvais
FR9707 Stockholm Palma Mallorca
FR9666 Rome Fuimincino Seville
FR7422 Stockholm Alicante
FR5158 Malaga T2 Newcastle
FR1083 Lisbon Paris Beauvais
FR2328 Leeds Bradford Limoges
FR6445 Seville Charleroi
FR3256 London Luton Nimes
FR2626 Manchester Ibiza
FR1924 East Midlands Murcia
FR7464 Porto Tours
FR1984 Dublin T1 Carcassonne
FR1632 East Midlands Limoges
FR4984 Paris Beauvais Venice Treviso
FR3093 Thessaloniki Paris Beauvais
FR9116 Paris Beauvais Bratislava
FR9632 Paris Beauvais Rome Ciampino
FR1516 Figari(Corsica) Paris Beauvais
FR5162 Marseille Fez
FR2527 Berlin Madrid
FR2512 Paris Beauvais Malaga T2
FR2329 Limoges Leeds Bradford
FR8803 Malaga T2 Cologne
FR3257 Nimes London Luton
FR9667 Seville Rome Fuimincino
FR6003 Marseille Brest
FR6983 Barcelona El Prat Rome Fuimincino
FR1384 Charleroi Perpignan
FR7465 Tours Porto
FR6444 Charleroi Seville
FR5159 Newcastle Malaga T2
FR1633 Limoges East Midlands
FR1084 Paris Beauvais Lisbon
FR4985 Venice Treviso Paris Beauvais
FR9706 Palma Mallorca Stockholm
FR7207 Palma Mallorca Cologne
FR9045 Barcelona El Prat London Stansted
FR6005 Marseille Lille
FR1985 Carcassonne Dublin T1
FR7423 Alicante Stockholm
FR1925 Murcia East Midlands
FR2627 Ibiza Manchester
FR110 Berlin Palma Mallorca
FR8023 Charleroi Carcassonne
FR2834 Barcelona El Prat Brussels Airport
FR9117 Bratislava Paris Beauvais
FR1515 Paris Beauvais Figari(Corsica)
FR8732 Malpensa Seville
FR6305 Barcelona El Prat Milan(Bergamo)
FR5163 Fez Marseille
FR3066 Madrid Eindhoven
FR6004 Brest Marseille
FR1385 Perpignan Charleroi
FR4126 Frankfurt-Hahn Girona
FR4502 Porto Lille
FR3094 Paris Beauvais Thessaloniki
FR9407 East Midlands Ibiza
FR2921 Brussels Airport Barcelona El Prat
FR6984 Rome Fuimincino Barcelona El Prat
FR3842 London Stansted Reus
FR2975 Brussels Airport Rome Fuimincino
FR2915 Brussels Airport Palma Mallorca
FR6006 Lille Marseille
FR9977 Paris Beauvais Pisa
FR6973 Barcelona El Prat Rome Fuimincino
FR8592 London Stansted Bergerac
FR8746 London Stansted La Rochelle
FR8024 Carcassonne Charleroi
FR7253 Marseille Rabat
FR9044 London Stansted Barcelona El Prat
FR7208 Cologne Palma Mallorca
FR3017 Madrid Cologne
FR38 Manchester Limoges
FR6304 Milan(Bergamo) Barcelona El Prat
FR2835 Brussels Airport Barcelona El Prat
FR2634 London Stansted Zaragosa
FR1986 Dublin T1 Nantes(Brittany)
FR111 Palma Mallorca Berlin
FR4125 Girona Frankfurt-Hahn
FR2152 Birmingham Alicante
FR372 London Stansted Biarritz
FR3067 Eindhoven Madrid
FR2995 Paris Beauvais Oujda
FR72 London Stansted Carcassonne
FR2922 Barcelona El Prat Brussels Airport
FR8733 Seville Malpensa
FR8593 Bergerac London Stansted
FR4503 Lille Porto
FR3843 Reus London Stansted
FR8747 La Rochelle London Stansted
FR2976 Rome Fuimincino Brussels Airport
FR6974 Rome Fuimincino Barcelona El Prat
FR2916 Palma Mallorca Brussels Airport
FR8097 Paris Beauvais Rabat
FR9406 Ibiza East Midlands
FR9056 Alicante Bremen
FR7782 Marseille Malaga T2
FR7218 Valencia Paris Beauvais
FR39 Limoges Manchester
FR7250 Rabat Marseille
FR1987 Nantes(Brittany) Dublin T1
FR2635 Zaragosa London Stansted
FR3016 Cologne Madrid
FR6772 Marseille Nantes(Brittany)
FR373 Biarritz London Stansted
FR73 Carcassonne London Stansted
FR2153 Alicante Birmingham
FR4448 Ibiza Marseille
FR2996 Oujda Paris Beauvais
FR7783 Malaga T2 Marseille
FR7119 Paris Beauvais Valencia

Ryanair has announced cancellations for tomorrow (as above) you can rebook or request refund https://www.ryanair.com/gb/en/useful-info/help-centre/travel-updates/air-traffic-control-strike1


Easyjet have announced delays but ask people to turn up on time for their flights though note there WILL most likely be delays. That's me with 3 kids in Gatwick on a strike day...again! I swear they always look at my travel days and blacklist them!

Just found out my flight tomorrow from Orly to Rome is cancelled. Not one word from Easyjet to let us know. It was just by reading here that I thought I had better check! I am hopping mad. Have managed to get on an earlier flight but train tickets to Paris are now no use and have had to buy two more 108 euros! Also had to change the time of the car meeting us in Rome and, worse of all for me, have to leave home before 6.00 am tomorrow - is it worth it I wonder...............

Most airlines will only announce cancellations the afternoon before the strike following advice from the French authorities. I have just flown from LHR to CDG and from an original hour and 20 minutes slot delay we actually left on time and arrived early. Orly seems to be the worst affected.

I'm at Gatwick now. This morning at 6am we were showing an hour delay but now there seems to be no delay and all is calm and on time at Gatwick. Due to fly at 11.40. Keeping fingers crossed will be in Montpellier on time!

So I arrived in Montpellier on time to the news that my husband's Toulouse flight has been cancelled. All Easyjet flights to Toulouse and Montpellier are full until Monday. Ryanair to Beziers - sold out. BA sold out until Saturday.

I've managed to get him on BA Heathrow - Toulouse on Saturday morning. At least he gets to come back for the weekend even if it is 2 days shorter break than planned.

He;s not a happy chappy this evening!

Well, we got to Rome but the new flight was two hours late! The poor driver of the car that was meeting us had been at the airport for more than three hours and, what with our late cancellations and rebookings, I don't think he actually expected to see us at all