2nd home owners - how to pay TF/TdH online

How to pay Taxe Fonciere/Taxe d’Habitation on-line

This comes up occasionally so, as I have to pay my TdH, I thought it might be useful to have as a reference for new second home owners faced with paying their first bills.

The bills will arrive towards the end of the second year of ownership. For your first part-year the Taxe Foncière is paid pro-rata between the seller and purchaser and the funds handled by the Notaire and sent to the Trésor Publique on your behalf. The Taxe d’Habitation is paid by whoever occupies the property on the 1st of January so will fall due to the previous owner during the first year you are in your property.

Taxe d’Habitation is in the process of being withdrawn for residents but it is not clear what will happen for 2nd home owners - for the moment there aren’t any changes.

You can pay online with your French bank details (RIB), the website is fairly easy to navigate although it does help if you can read a bit of French.

Go to https://www.impots.gouv.fr

On the 1st page look top right and you will see:


Click “Votre espace particulier”

The next page allows you to create, or log-in to your personal account on the impôts site - but you can pay an individual bill with just the reference numbers on the invoice (whether of not an account has been set up).

The left hand pane looks like this:

Click “Payer en ligne”

You now get taken away from the impôts site to the on-line payments site so the style of page changes a bit:

Enter the “Numero Fiscal” from the invoice and click “Continuer” and you get taken to this page:

The right hand pane allows you to set up payment by direct debit or by instalments - follow the “Payer en ligne” link at the bottom of the left hand pane to pay as a single lump sum.


The next step is this page

Enter the reference number from the invoice and click “Confirmer” which takes you to the next page where you confirm which bill you are about to pay.

Again click “Confirmer”

The next page is where you confirm bank account details.

As I have already used the system it has remembered the details so they are already filled in. The first time through it will ask you for them. If you want to change the bank account click on “Modifier les coordonnées bancaires” which taks you to the following screen:

Again clicking “Confirmer” will confirm the changes. Either “Étape précédent” or “Abandonner” will cancel the page.

Back to the previous page note that you have to tick the box confirming that you authorise the direct debit mandate that the revenue will present to the bank.

The account must also be in the same name as appears on the Avis.

The next page asks for your email address for electronic confirmation that the bill has been paid.

The next page asks you to confirm everything and reminds you that this is the last chance to make any changes.

Clicking “Confirmer”, as usual, takes you to the final page which summarises everything.

If you wish to set things up so that future payments are automatically made by direct debit then click the “Adhérer au prélèvement” button. If not you’re all done.


@ptf Excellent write up - very useful.

Having struggled in year 1 - I wrote myself instructions in year 2 to use in year 3 only to find the layout of the website had been changed!

For the first time this year we have used an app on the ipad called Impots.gouv - from within the app you photo the qr code on the bill confirm a few bits then done.

@james - is it worth pinning Paul’s post for the next couple of weeks so that other can benefit from it right now when it is tax bill season?


Yes, the app is available for Android as well - haven’t tried it but from what I hear it works well.

I use the App, it’s very convenient.

Great post @ptf Thanks!

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This post is fantastic but HELP!!

I have just received both my TF & TdH.
The TF was sent to address in UK and was only received last Thursday, 28/11. The payment was due by the 15/10. I am unable to pay online as it of course tells me it is overdue. I do not have the language skills to call them as directed. Is there any other way i can pay it? The other complication is the bank account name. That is in my name, my married name I have had for 10 years, but of course the paperwork for the TF uses my maiden name, as is apparently the way. As for the TdH, my name doesn’t appear on that at all, so I am unsure if i can pay that from the bank account. Any advice greatly received…


I confess I am not sure - and I sympathise with the (lack of) language skills and telephone calls, I dread having to try the 'phone in French.

I can only suggest that you either visit or send a cheque to your local trésor with a detailed covering letter (and by recorded delivery) or see if you can round up someone with good language skills to phone them on your behalf.

Perhaps the more experienced denizens of SF have some further suggestions.

Thank you, Paul, that was brilliant - the mistake I made earlier was to go for ‘continuer’ after inputting the Numero Fiscal rather than going for ‘payer’. Certainly worked a treat.

And as reassurance to Sharon do give the advice line a call - it’s a recorded message, but very clear and in uncomplicated language.

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Sorry just realised Sharon’s enquiry was an old one - perhaps further evidence of my rush to deal with something without reading to the end!

your info will be useful to those who look here, anyway…