3 detached properties on same plot in North Dordogne

3 bed-roomed 170 sq mtr barn conversion
2 bedroom 120 sq mtr farmhouse
1 bedroom 75 sq mtr bungalow
on 9000 sq mtr terrain
Use as home and Gites, Family in their own homes but close by ? or many other uses

buy without agency fees of 15000 - 19000 euros ??
buy direct for 280000 euros
lots more information and photographs available by email

Good Evening,

I was looking for B&B and Gites to rent and came across this website and saw your property in the region that me and my wife are looking in.

I know that you are looking to sell your properties but was wondering if you have ever considered renting the properties so we could start a Gite business.

We would obviously pay deposits and rent up front and if we wanted to buy at a later date could use those deposits to come off the sale price, this would give you an income and my wife and I the dream we want.

I look forward to your reply.

Very kind regards

Chris and Michelle Stewart

Hi Gilly
I guess these properties are sold if not please send details ralph@novusci.co.uk

Always frustrating when folks don’t give updates or withdraw the ad once whatever has been sold !

This is still available and has now been reduced to get a sale quickly too 250,000 Euro !!
I will post photos later ( sorry this advert had not been updated but I forgot this site . )

Quick Gillian grab the opportunity that Ralph has given you ! :wink:

Yes some photos would be good, there are folk looking, and as they say ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’.

Good luck !

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i cannot find out how to actually add any photos to my advert ?
if you can help me then i will put some on there . thankyou

Well I am not a techie but if you click on the grey arrow in the box we all write in it will ask you to ‘upload’ photos from your computer. If I want to upload anything I put the photo, or if more than one in a file and put it on my desktop, that way it’s easier to find.

Hope it makes sense because my computer is all in French so I am used to following French instructions.

James Higginson can explain it better :roll_eyes:

Oui Mat, but Gillian has had an account since 2017 so I am hoping someone can explain better than I can :confounded:

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