3 month notice for renter moving out?

Hi, My husband and I are renting an apartment in Dijon and we’re considering moving. We’re required to give 3 months notice (which we have not yet given.) If we find an apartment that’s available immediately, surely they aren’t going to happily wait 3 months for us to move in and begin paying rent. So how would that work, exactly? Is it common for renters to end up paying for two apartments at the same time for up to 3 months? Would we just sign an agreement for the new apartment and HOPE that our current landlord finds a new tenant soon? Or give notice on our current apartment first and then hope to find a suitable new apartment? Neither option seems reasonable. Any advice would be much appreciated!

Hello Mary and welcome to the forum.

I think it is quite simple.

You have an agreement requiring 3 months’ notice. You will have to pay the rent right up to the last day of that “notice” and your Deposit (paid to the Landlord at commencement) cannot be set against any rent due.

The landlord can seek a tenant during the “notice” period - but you only stop paying if a tenant starts before the final date.

Le locataire est tenu au paiement du loyer jusqu’à la fin du délai de préavis ou, s’il part avant la fin de son préavis, jusqu’à l’arrivée d’un nouveau locataire.

There is a special mode of writing to give “notice” - perhaps someone will chime in with that information - or maybe it is already noted in your contract.

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Hi Mary

It’s perfectly normal for landlords to wait 3 months for people to serve their notice on previous properties. It’s the system for everyone in France. We were able to give just one month because we were moving for medical reasons and it’s also possible to give just a month’s notice if you lose your job, for example.

It may be possible to negotiate an earlier date with your current landlord if they can find someone else quickly and it’s worth a try.

Here is a model for a letter giving notice. Don’t forget that you MUST send it recommandé avec accusé de réception.


Thank you, Mandy! That was very helpful. I would not have believed that a landlord would wait 3 months.

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Thank you, Stella. I appreciate your help.

You’re welcome. I hope you have a successful and stress-free move.