"3rd dose" Vaccine latest info 30/08/21

Interesting article, which explains wy some folk already have/are having 3 or even 4 doses…
and gives some more info on how to get that “extra” jab some of us might need…


Thanks @Stella - very clear directions for us.

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Just need to make sure that the “3rd-vax-covid” Appointment is for at least 6 months after the last vax-covid jab…

Some might find not all centres are offering an Appointment quite that far ahead, but it will all come together, gently gently…

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Interestingly I popped into my pharmacy today, and he has put us on his agenda for third jab - six months after 2nd one - and for flu jabs.

Flu jab apparently starting from 26th October this year, so 2 weeks later than normal.

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It would seem that the 3rd Booster jab will be with Pfizer/Moderna even if first two vaccinations were Astra Zeneca then

That sounds right, @rabbit - as far as I can see from the vaccine supply charts, there aren’t any current contracts with Astra Zeneca but the charts may possibly be out of date?

Edit: Correction - there appear to be new contracts for AZ and also Janssen so I imagine the 3rd dose could be any of them :thinking:

Doctolib gives the option of Moderna or Pfizer. is it best to stay with what one has already had?

No one knows…


"Selon l’avis de la HAS, les deux vaccins à ARNm, Pfizer et Moderna, étant d’une grande efficacité contre les formes graves de Covid-19, y compris celles liées au variant Delta, il n’y a pas lieu de recommander un vaccin plutôt que l’autre pour la 3e dose. "

… both are good and there’s nothing to say which is best… just make your choice from the 2 on offer…

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