3rd Dose Vax, Pass sanitaire etc

The PM gives details of the next steps…


nothing new there then

maybe not for you… but others might find it useful.

Personally, I now know where OH and I are in the scheme of 3rd Vax… which I did not know for certain before…
so I’ve marked it in my diary… :hugs:

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Handy to know for my OH father :sunglasses:

How do we find out please? Paul had AZ April and June. He’s 65 years young.

Sorry, just read the article. So sometime in the new year then. Still a bit woozy here, just done 1400 km return from my mum’s… next time I move to France I will check the map.

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you need a day or two to recover from the trip…

They are saying 6 months minimum after the second dose of Pfizer, Moderna, AZ. So if you were fully vaccinated at the end of June 2021, that’ll be after the New Year 2022.

I’m not rushing. Happy to have third dose in due course, but I know I have antibodies so not going to scramble.

Overall I just wish they would give more vaccine to countries that have none. All well and good protecting one country, but it needs to be worldwide.


Good link Stella. I’ll pop my third dose in the diary for November.

Thank you, Stella - very good to know.

Appointment for 3rd Vax can be sought after 1st September… (only those eligible)
Must be no less than 6 months between 2nd and 3rd Vax
Must allow 2 full weeks between any differing vaccinations ( eg Flu and Covid)

Needing a Pass Sanitaire (for so many things) could well be prolonged… after 15th November (current end-date) if the covid situation does not significantly improve…


Sorry to be late to this party, but how does this fit with the scramble some of us had for flu jabs last year? I think there was about a fortnight between my flu shot and being called by my GP for my first Covid jab! So can I now assume being called for a flu shot and Covid booster in some sort of organized timeline?

No idea whether or not you will “get the call”… or will make the appointments yourself.
Whatever… just make sure there are 2 full weeks between conflicting vaccines…

Personally, I receive the flu-jab entitlement paper and it’s up to me when I collect “le stuff” from the pharmacy and when I ask the Doc/Infirmier to zap it in my arm… (generally some time in October if I recall correctly.)

I shall be looking to make an appointment for the 3rd vax… in accordance with the guidelines.


The UK are proposing to do both at the same time

I haven’t read whether there is a specific protocol here. But I am making the assumption it is up to me to discuss with my doctors and then arrange accordingly.

I usually leave the flu jab until late November, as flu rarely arrives before the end of the year. And I’m in no rush for my third dose of covid vaccine as the life I lead does not expose me to high risk and I have antibodies. So will leave the doses available for others.

Hello Sunbeam

What’s an ‘entitlement paper?’ We struggled on for weeks trying to get a flu shot (there were none) and then our medicin prioritised us for a Covid jab on health grounds!

This is entirely theorising obviously and it doesn’t bother me personally one way or another but surely if the situation doesn’t significantly improve by 15th November it may be because the Pass Sanitaire isn’t actually very effective so rather than just extending it for however long I would hope they’d consider changing or dropping it in favour of something else perhaps.

The one thing this government has been relatively good at to date unlike ‘some others’ :roll_eyes: is not doing things for the sake of theatre, making a show for show’s sake so it looks like they’re doing something, and only doing what really makes a difference so I would hope they were very closely looking at whether it really has an impact on the case numbers and spread given the concerns some have over their usage and civil liberties (not that there is any real harm in them as they are, but ‘thin end of the wedge’ and all that) and not just sticking with it for longer for the sake of it because it’s already in place.

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If you are entitled to have the flu vaccine free of charge because of certain medical conditions you get a letter about September time with a form that you take to the pharmacie to collect your vaccine. You then keep it until you can arrange for a nurse or doctor to give it to you, also free of charge. In the past the vaccines were available early October for collection but it may have changed last year because of Covid.
Izzy x

And age…over 65s get a “bon” for the flu jab automatically.

Or you just buy one, costs about 12€, and then another couple of euros for a nurse to inject you.

Did you manage to get the Flu Jab last winter ???

If you keep in touch with your Pharmacy, they will know when to expect their stocks of the Flu vaccine.