4G phone signal

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I would like to install a 4G aerial and router, but first would need a survey to see if the signal is strong enough.
Does anyone have a contact in the 87600 area?

Many thanks

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At the yop of the linked page there is an option to check your address…
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Thanks for that, but I believe this only checks this operator’s signal and not all the others as well.
I could be wrong…

So, your trying to find out which provider has the best signal before you sign up? Have you a roaming SIM and a phone that can provide a hot spot? The roaming SIM will let you choose each carrier in turn and the hotspot will allow you to run Fast.Com to see which is quickest.
I’m at the 8k limit for ADSL so was only getting +/- 1mbps over my landline for about €40 a month. I canceled that and put in two TPLink MR600 routers with SIMs from Free. They give me 200GB (and more but at a reduced speed supposedly but I’ve never hit that) at around 10MBPS and also cost €40 a month. The Orange signal here is bit better than Free but the cost from them for two SIMs and 200GB was considerably more.

In the early days of mast ownership, that may have been the case but in these more enlightened times 4 and 5G are less operator specific and provide corridors of coverage (the Boygues site takes account of that).

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The problem is that maps are not whery accurate allot of areas around here it says that there is good signal but when you are there it’s dead I have been fighting orange about that before

@Bajen Interesting Martin.
When I was researching 4G here, the “map” suggested that 4G was not available on the Orange website (nor Bouygues come to that) but I acquired one anyway from Bouygues to test and it worked perfectly!
We are just over 1km from the mast so I had some confidence it would work.

The problem is the singnals don’t go down Valleys so if it’s locked on the tops only it’s newer going to have signal in the lower parts of the valley

ah… you referring to what is known as the “cone of silence” then?

A booster ore repeater can help but I think you need permission from the providers in France to have one because it can make the singnal bad for outher people close by you can still buy them online with not telling anyone but if they find out they fines can be massive

Something like this then?
AFAIK, there would be no problem installing this item - I’m just in the process of looking into getting one and having it installed professionally…

I have looked in to it to but have you checked with your provider? I can get a anti aircraft gun professional installed too dosent mean I I have permission for it :grinning:

Actually recommended by them Martin so I don’t see a problem there :wink:

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Yes actually ex army

I have a friend back home that fits them for a leaving mostly big office blocks he told good ones start at 400 euro and up. Can you share after you had it done if worked please

of course Martin.

That would be great do you now if there is any unlimited 4g plans to get here in France I download allot and stream allot with the ones I have sen ther is a limit

No limit with Bouygues on our account…

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No I’m just waiting for 5g because fiber is newer going to happen here the say 2025 here. maybe if they started 10 years ago